45 iPod Cases

Every now and again, you come across a unique product from a company that wants to do it differently to everyone else. I’m talking about 45ipodcases.com – the masters of folding records. This brand new concept struck me as odd to say the last, yet somehow it just works.

With a choice of 45 iPod case designs in 30GB and 80GB (5th Gen) sizes, each case is made from reclaimed 45 rpm vinyl records and you can find everything from Cheech & Chong to David Bowie and Phil Collins. These cases are limited in stock based on the number of vinyl records that these guys can get a hold of, so they’re not going to be around forever. Not only do I congratulate ‘contexture design workshop’ for the idea, they have created a product that is both ‘limited’ and desirable collectors items, especially for those who happen to be fans of these artists.If you’re a music fan and you want to have something ‘different’ to everyone else then you may have just stumbled on to the best hidden secret. Personally, I don’t think these cases are ideal for every day use however there’s nothing stopping you from ignoring my advice because these cases look great.The model I received was for the Pet Shop Boys – Awlays on my mind, whilst not a particular fan, I found the case to be well constructed and will offer sufficient ‘front’ protection for your iPod but perhaps a little bit crude around the edges.

Inside padding is made from 40% recycled fibres so it’s a very ‘green’ conscious product and the irony as they state on the web-site is “old media protects new media – digital meets analogue” which is a wonderful analogy that represents this product.These cases are available for $45 with shipping and tax on top whilst is on the steep side, it’s worth it if they offer the case for the artist that you’re a fan of.

45 iPod Cases is a range of cases suiting old and new iPods, the pictures speak for themselves, and if you’re after a piece of history in a ‘modern’ way then head on over to www.45ipodcases.com

2007-09-08 Onwah Tsang

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