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Having been in touch with Capdase they kindly sent me 5 iPod cases and iPod charging accessories for 5G iPod with video.

Each case was tested for one of my typical weekday usage. Typical scenarios were using it in the car with my tape adapter, moving from place to place at Uni, whilst working at a desk and many others.

Upon first glance at all the cases I noticed that each product was made to a high quality standard and I didn’t find any build-quality issues with any of the cases.

The first case I tested was the black soft jacket case. Made of a rubbery black material, this case protects the entire unit and comes with a screen protector. The unique thing about this case is that it also covers the scroll wheel but at the same time leaves it accessible. So you can still use it even though its fully covered. This gives you re-assurance that your iPod is fully protected. The usual ports are left uncovered (i.e. the headphone jack and data port) however they have decide to cover the Hold switch as well but again, you can still access it.

One of the problems with many cases is that the headphone port is designed only just big enough to fit the standard headphones. And I often find with some cases that the jack for my tape adapter doesn’t fit or doesn’t push in properly. You’ll be glad to know that this is not an issue with this model.

A belt clip attachment is included as well as a screen protector. The iPod slips in through the display hole and then add the screen protector to finish. This case is a sure fire way to keep your iPod in pristine condition well after you’ve dropped it, put it in your pocket and even if you spill things on it (providing it doesn’t go on to the screen area).

The only issue I found with the black rubber is that dust has a tendency to stick to it but it’s not a major issue and shouldn’t put anyone buying this case.

They also do this case in white and glow in the dark green. These don’t come with a belt clip but they’re essentially the same. Rubber skin covers the whole unit and comes with a separate screen protector as before with exposed ports and covered hold switch. I didn’t find these two as attractive as the black one but it none the less did the same job and just as well. However with it being white and green it did not show the dust that sticks to it when you put it in your pocket which in my books is a plus point. The green model I found to be rather un-attractive but that’s subjective I suppose.

The Capdase soft jacket is perfect for every day use and the black version is one of 0my favourites out of the Capdase range.

The second set of cases that Capdase sent along were the leather ones. These come in white, black and pink. I had the black and pink ones to review. In the package contents you’ll find the case itself with the camera-like strap.

The cases flip open like a notepad and is held secure by two magnets inside of the case. Theirs no screen protection included with these ones but naturally when the lid is closed your iPod screen will be protected. It’s only when it’s flipped open that the scroll wheel and screen are exposed. This shouldn’t be a problem for most situations.

The microphone and head phone jacks are exposed regardless of whether the lid is open or not. One issue I have found with the head phone jack hole is that it’s not big enough to accommodate my Belkin tape adapter. It’s not a major problem as when I’m in the car the unit sits next to me on the passenger seat and allows for easy access to the screen and scroll wheel. Standard head phone jacks should find a nice fitting though so no worries there. You can attach a belt clip to the back of the case but as always I never do.

When using this in the car I found it to be very quick for easy access and removal. I didn’t have to fiddle with hold button. I just unplug the jack and flip the lid shut and straight in to my pocket. The cover provides protection and restricted access to the screen and scroll wheel so I don’t have to worry that my iPod is going to be accidentally switched on.

The leather is of high quality – not sure if it’s real but very good quality none the less and again re-assures you of protection for the iPod. Ergonomics-wise, the case does not add much to the size of the iPod and can still fit comfortably in a jacket pocket.

This is probably the best one out of the Capdase range that I’ve had the pleasure to review.

For those that prefer to still be able to see the iPod stylings then this case might not be for you as the black leather covers about 90% of it. You’ll probably find the soft jacket cases more appealing. I personally prefer to keep my iPod hidden from other peoples eyes and disguised as something else. An excellent case from Capdase!

So that concludes my review on the Capdase iPod cases. The two other products they sent along is the car charger and ac adapter.

The car charger comes with the USB data cable and can charge all models of iPod including the Shuffle. This is fairly standard and very convenient when if you do listen to your iPod a lot in the car. With the not-so-very long battery life of iPods these days, it’s always handy to have this in the glove box.

The AC adapter is a little bit more interesting. Not only will you find this cheaper and smaller than the official iPod charger, it also has a blue neon with the Capdase logo lit up when plugged in. A very nice touch and the compactness of the power brick is what I find appealing. The package came with worldwide travel adapters as well. It’s another great product from Capdase and one that the TechCast Network recommends highly.

Final closing comments are simple really. Capdase may not be as well known a company as some of the other established brands out there, but they are not by any means under par in quality or features. With competitive prices and a high quality seal, it’s safe to say that the TechCast Network is proud to recommend this company as a serious choice for anyone who is looking for iPod cases and other accessories.

2006-03-16 Onwah Tsang

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    I have a issue with a Capdase case i bought for my ipod touch. I cannot get any joy from the retailer HMV so i’m trying to contact Capdase directly. Unfortunately i can’t get onto teir web site You you have a contact emaiol i could have please?



    Posted on 27th Aug 2008

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