Core Case for iPod 5G

For the past week, I’ve been using an anodized aluminium case for my iPod Video. If you’re familiar with the PowerBook, MacBook Pro or iPod Mini then you will have heard of this material before.

The aircraft-grade anodized aluminium ensures maximum strength to weight ratio, with a robust design that remains light weight and scratch free. The Core Case iPod Video case for the 5G iPod is made exactly of this material.

Externally, you can choose from a range of colours; blue, orange, aluminium, pink, green and black. The front exterior includes a built in screen protector to protect the iPod screen from every day wear and tear. The usual cut outs have also been made for convenient access to the hold switch, headphone jack and dock connector.

In the box you get the lanyard and belt clip. These attach to the back of the case. Since I tend not to use belt clips, I didn’t try this out but I did have a go at trying out the flexible attachment point which allows for the belt clip to clipped on at any angle and found that this requires the use of a screw driver to turn the belt clip attachment point to the relevant angle you need it at. By default it comes shipped with the attachment point in the normal position you’d use it.

If you’re like me and hate belt clips then you can simply unscrew the attachment point and remove it completely from the case. This is an excellent idea! It’s never nice having that attachment point sticking out and not allowing your iPod to sit flat on a surface.

The case itself comes in two pieces. A front and back which slides together. This is unlike any case design I’ve come across, but it was a characteristic that I liked. The sliding design means no latches or catches or hinges that adds to the bulk of your iPod. I believe this is the intention of the designers, just like when Apple released the iPod mini in a range of colours, Core Case have come up with an iPod case design for those who still take a fancy to the iPod minis range of colours.

The interior is lined with EVA foam lining to help prevent shock and scratches to the iPod whilst in its home. This proved to be useful and effective. My iPod remained scratch free in the duration that I was using Core Case to protect it.

I wanted to test the claim of ‘ultimate scratch protection’ and although the case survived my daily usage, I wanted to know what the limitations were. Could I scratch this case?

At first I tested it with my keys and with some force rubbed it against the back of the case. This is good news for those who keep their iPod in their pocket amongst other abrasive objects such as coins and keys. The next test was to see how well the material would survive some more force.

I took the tip of one of my keys and tried scoring the case in rapid successive strokes against the back of the case. This did cause scratching to occur. The marks are quite visible and attempts to rub them out failed.

So we now know this case can survive every day general usage with an element of rough treatment. That’s going to be more than enough for the average user. However, for those who really give their iPod a battering, you know who you are, and then this case will start to deteriorate over time.

At the end of the day, this is a quality crafted iPod case that is lightweight, secure and durable. It will offer the right level of protection as well as complete accessibility and keep your iPod slim as the day it came out of its box.

Say hello to the Core Case iPod Case for 5G iPod because this product gets the TechCast Recommended Award.

2006-08-22 Onwah Tsang

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