Creative ZiiSound D5x and DSx

Creative ZiiSound D5x

The Creative ZiiSound D3x, D5x and DSx are a family of wireless speakers for creating a beautiful haven of music that won’t just fill your room but your entire house with your favourite tunes.

The last few weeks have been quite upsetting for my neighbours as I’ve been testing the D5x and DSx at various bass and volume levels. Well, I’ve not had any complaints so perhaps they appreciate my taste in music.

Creative ZiiSound D5x

Like most speaker docks on the market, the ZiiSound is designed to work best with iOS devices (with 30-pin dock connector). But fear not if you’re a non-iOS user as the ZiiSound also features Bluetooth and there’s a line-in connector at the back.

On its own, the D5x dishes out more volume than I dare to ask from it and reasonable quality at the low end. Bass lovers will rejoice at the sound of the DSx bass. The added oomph provides a powerful and rich bass. Luckily there is a dial at the back to adjust the bass level to suit your tastes. Even at its lowest level, the DSx provides more bass than the D5x does on its own. Crank it up to max and you won’t just be shaking the foundations of your house, you’ll be moving tectonic plates.

The modular design of the ZiiSound means you can piece together the speaker setup to suit your needs. The flexible system means you can add speakers as you go along – the system can support as many as three D5x units and DSx subwoofer for a 3.1 system.

Creative ZiiSound D5x

A docking port on the D5x fits the ZiiSound transmitter fits perfectly so with your iOS device docked the device looks as though its sitting upright on the surface of the speaker. Lift your device up and the transmitter comes with it. Whilst docked, your device does get charged. Whilst Bluetooth streaming is supported, the transmitter uses the aptX audio codec to provide enhanced quality from your device to the speaker – this is the same tech used to stream the audio between speakers. On a practical level I didn’t notice any difference in quality and the transmitter range was about the same.

Creative ZiiSound D5x

The ZiiSound D5x has a traditional look and feel with a black fabric design in a rectangular soundbar capped with a touch of flash. In the middle there’s a touch sensitive controller for adjusting the volume and setup for synchronising speakers. Simply slide your finger up and down to adjust the volume and the pretty white LED lights will follow.

Initial setup is done with a combination of touching and holding the synchronise button. It’s something you’ll want to tackle with the manual in front of you – luckily you’ll only need to do it once.

For a wireless speaker system, the ZiiSound range is competitively priced – the setup used in this review can be had for £300 with the D5X around £190 and the DSx subwoofer at £115 from Amazon.

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