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The miniaturisation of USB drives has led to Dane Elec to come up with something a little bit different to what everyone else is doing with their pen drives. I’ve been spending some time using the 1GB Poker Mate to carry my data with me. Shaped and designed as a poker chip, the USB drive is cleverly hidden in one of the edges.

When compared against other everyday objects, the flash drive is considerably small and from the comparison shots you can see that it’s not much larger than a 50p coin. With the actual USB drive pulled out, you can see that it’s nearly the same size as the 1p coin.

In my file transfer test, I copied across a 358MB file. To give an indicator of where the performance sits in the grand scheme of things, I did the same time test using the same file on my 12-month old 4GB USB flash drive from bytestor and my Western Digital MyBook Studio 500GB external hard drive over FireWire.

The Poker Mate finished the transfer in 1 minute 16 seconds. This compares well to my old flash drive which took 2 minutes 20 seconds to complete the exact same test. Expectedly so, the FireWire hard drive came in at a blistering 11.7 seconds.

It’s a bit of a novelty device, and I think Poker and gambling fans will love to receive something like this as a gift. It also helps conceal the fact that it is a drive incase anyone is tempted to swipe it.

The 1GB Poker Mate comes in red and you can also get a 2GB version of the drive in blue.

2008-06-15 Onwah Tsang

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