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With podcasting in full stride from amateurs and professionals giving it a go, it’s worth thinking about how you can differentiate your podcasts from everyone else’s.

I’ve lost count the number of times that people have used the standard tracks from Garageband on the Mac for their backing or intro tune and I’m guilty of it myself. I think anyone whose remotely familiar with the application will realise that whilst the selection of tracks are good, they are over-used by everyone to the point where they’re cringe-worthy.

So what are the alternatives? I’ve been testing the Virtual Sounds package from eJay. eJay Virtual Sounds contain thousands of audio samples for you to use in your own productions. They’re all professional grade sound clips that can be used as vocals, beats and loops, each lasting a few seconds long.

There are a number of genres to choose from with each Virtual Sounds package containing two DVD’s packed with 25,000 royalty free audio samples. Simply plug these in to your audio editing suite of choice (Garageband in my case) and you’re free to be as creative and individual as you want.

With eight Virtual Sounds packages in the entire collection, each retailing at £19.99 (and can be found as low as £17.99 from Amazon), you’ve got an affordable solution for all of your audio sampling requirements. The great thing is that the audio clips are royalty free, which means you don’t need to request permission or pay anyone license fees to use them.

2008-06-18 Onwah Tsang

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