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If you often find yourself lugging your PC to LAN parties and gaming tournaments, then you might be interested in the Everglide DKTBoard. With trademarks attached to it such as “Powered by Razer” and “designed with pro gamer Brian ‘DKT’ Flander”, the expectation is set at a high level.

Designed for gamers, by gamers, the DKTBoard is a compact keyboard that is designed to be durable, lightweight and practical. The keyboard has the normal 104 key setup and plugs in via the USB lead. Windows Vista and Mac OS X machines automatically pick up on the driver-less install.

Despite the compact size, the DKTBoard crams in a full keyboard layout with number pad as well as some basic shortcut keys along the top. This leaves the number pad keys on the right, which is typically separated by the arrow keys sitting in between, right next to the rest of the keyboard.

With Razer technology built-in, you get a nice blue backlight by hitting the key in the corner. Perfect for hardcore gamers who typically play in the dark.

The DKTBoard is thin and light and I can see how it can be appealing to gamers who need mobility. When activated, the backlight emits a strong cool blue light that surrounds the keyboard keys as well as through the key symbols themselves. This makes use of the keyboard perfect for gaming, or dare I say working, in the dark.

As with any new keyboard, it takes time to adjust to the feel and response rate of the keys. I spent a month using the keyboard and found it responsive and accurate to type on. It’s not quite up there with a full size keyboard from manufacturers such as Logitech and Microsoft but it’s more practical than a laptop keyboard and works well for general use.

The keys are very responsive with instant push back as soon as you let go of the key, a key factor for a gamer when choosing a keyboard is the ability to be able to repeatedly tap a key quickly and comfortably.

Positioning of some of the keys are questionable, however in the effort of minimising the overall footprint of the keyboard, the arrow keys are located with the rest of the keys. This means that I’m frequently pressing the 0 key on the right hand number pad when Im reaching for the right arrow key. For gamers, this isn’t much of an issue since the arrow keys aren’t frequently used.

On Vista, as expected, the shortcut keys all work as they should without any driver installation. When using the DKTBoard with a Mac, the top shortcut keys don’t work properly and since there’s no drivers or customisation from the OS, you’re stuck with redundant or keys that operate functions such as the backlight in odd places. For instance, the ‘Stop’ shortcut key operates the Mute function. Since the keyboard is designed for Windows it can’t be faulted for this issue and at the very least, Mac users can still use this keyboard.

To sum up, the Everglide DKTBoard is a compact keyboard that is built to be robust and useable in the dark with its backlit lighting system that can be turned off. It’s not the most comfortable keyboard to be typing on for hours on end, so don’t expect the Everglide to work well as a ‘work’ keyboard. However, for the gamer who likes to move about and attend tournaments and LAN gaming sessions, then the DKTBoard may just be what you’re looking for.

2008-08-18 Onwah Tsang

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  • Davos says:

    Cool keyboard! I like the fact that it’s got a backlight on it. I haven’t seen many with this feature. Only the Microsoft one have I seen but that costs several times more than this!

    Posted on 19th August 2008
  • g2kmike says:

    I bought the DKTBoard a couple months ago and have to say it’s been great for gaming. The keys are responsive and the backlight is just plain cool! I kinda agree with the review, it’s quite sucky to be typing on it everyday.

    Posted on 21st August 2008

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