Exspect Drop ‘N’ Charge

Wireless induction charging is the new ‘it’ tech to hit the gadget industry with the promise of cable-free charging. The Exspect Drop ‘N’ Charge system for the 360 comes with a 360-controller battery and the charging pad.

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The charging pad is a simple design with little to draw attention to the sophisticated technology that underlies what it can do. At the side there are two strips of LED lights that change between green and red depending on the charging status.

Supplied with the Drop ‘N’ Charge kit is a mains adapter for plugging straight into your electricity supply, or you can hook it up to any USB port as its power source – cabling required to do this is included.

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There are two areas on the charging pad that are marked out for where the battery should be placed to charge. For some reason, these are right at the edges of the pad, leaving a lot of empty space in between if you got both batteries charging. I can only assume that this was down to the circuitry inside the pad that required the design to be like this as opposed to it being a conscious design decision. Because of the positioning, it’s not ideal for just placing your 360 controller on top.

With the battery positioned correctly, the Drop ‘N’ Charge charging pad starts doing its magic and charges up the battery. When charging is taking place, the green strip of LED closest to the battery flashes green until the battery is fully charged at which point the LED goes to a solid green. I’m not exactly sure why the designers decided to do this, because if the pad is in open-view, it’s hard not to be drawn to the flashing green light.

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Besides the somewhat awkward design, the Drop ‘N’ Charge kit does exactly what it promises. Pop the battery on the marked out area and watch it start to charge. You won’t see sparks or bolts of electricity firing, for the most part, it doesn’t look like anything is happening. After 4 hours, you can expect the battery to be ready and loaded for another round of gaming session or two, with battery life good for another 9 hours of play.

The Drop ‘N’ Charge pad can also recharge the Wii Fit and Wii controller batteries in the Exspect Drop ‘N’ Charge range which are available for £9.99 making these induction charging systems in-line with what a normal extra battery would cost.

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Compared to the alternatives of wireless docks and intricate charging stations on offer, the Exspect Drop ‘N’ Charge may not be the prettiest alternative but it is the most tidy solution you’ll find.

2009-10-26 Onwah Tsang

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  • jeckles says:

    So futuristic! I like how these wireless charging devices are now starting to hit the market having heard about them last year.

    Posted on 26th October 2009
  • thizzlema says:

    It’s an odd design considering the shape of the battery as you pointed out, but I guess that’s to make it so that the larger Wii Fit board battery will also fit alongside another battery. Would have been cool if the entire surface of that pad would charge the battery – but then I guess that’s why they were able to bring this out at this price.

    Posted on 27th October 2009
  • hotsicle says:

    What’s with those lights! Makes it look like a landing strip. Other than that, it’s a very cool piece of tech!

    Posted on 27th October 2009
  • thetime says:

    Can’t wait for this tech to be standard on mobile devices like phones and then eventually devices like controllers. Would be so cool to just be able to put all my gadgets on a wrap away charging pad.

    Posted on 8th November 2009

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