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The latest Griffin desktop stand has hit the market with the ‘Elevator’. The successor to the iCurve, which I previously owned and sold has had a design refresh featuring a collapsible design for easy transportation and fits all laptops whether they are Mac or PC. Although it’s safe to say that Griffin do appeal more to the Mac market than the latest Vista machines, but that aside, here’s why this product could be useful to you.

It’s partly aesthetic and partly for good health reasons why should have something like this. For me, I like to have my MacBook Pro suspended in mid-air looking cool and also feeling cool. Because your notebook is on this stand it is able to get air circulated around it 360-degrees all over, meaning your machine is able to ventilate more heat, thus running cooler and prolonging its life.

The other reason is that if you’ve chosen to go down the notebook-only route then perhaps spending hours on end typing up documents isn’t the most comfortable thing to do. So why not get yourself a keyboard and mouse? If you’re using your notebook as a desktop replacement at home or in the office, then the Griffin Elevator can help relieve neck strain because it’s designed to work at the perfect height for your eyes as would an external monitor.

With my MacBook Pro placed on the Elevator it tilts it slightly forward so you get the perfect viewing angle whilst sitting at your desk. Typically most users without the Elevator will be staring downwards, and that can cause health problems for your neck.

The refined design has been changed from the previous model that had an all acrylic design, mostly matching the Mac products of then (iBook, PowerMac G4, Cube G4, Studio displays). The new design has a touch of aluminium to signify the change in design for most of the Apple line with two aluminium arms that slot in to an acrylic bar. Rubber grips extend the entire length of the arms providing a non slip surface that can seat even the biggest of notebooks out there.

Underneath the arms is storage space for stowing away your keyboard or room for keeping your external storage just underneath your notebook.

Out of the box it’s very simple to build. The two metal arms slot straight in to each side of the plastic bar and that’s it. You’re done!

I have to admit, the new design is not quite as sturdy or stable as the previous design, but that’s the compromise they made in designing the Elevator to be collapsible, consisting of 3 pieces that fit together, whereas previously it was just a one piece plastic design. Saying that, placing my MacBook Pro has never presented a problem but I can see notebooks that don’t have even weight distribution having issues since the metal arms will bend quite easily.

More often than not, I use the Griffin Elevator has a way for keeping my MacBook Pro cool as well as easy manoeuvrability when it’s plugged in to my Cinema Display. Because the stands are made of aluminium, it can be moved about across the desk quite easily or for turning around when you need access to the ports.

Griffin delivers on its promise for a product design that ‘elevates’ your notebook to the appropriate eye level, extends the working distance of the screen from where you’re sitting and at the same time gives you some storage space for stowing your keyboard or keeping external storage.

With great looks and a portable design, it’s not the most flexible of desktop stands so it might not be for everyone, but for Mac owners it’s a great choice since it matches the MacBook range of notebooks very well in terms of fit and design.

For everyone else, this notebook stand will fit anything from 13-inch to dare I say 17-inch notebooks depending on weight, but the Elevator does have a sturdy and strong design and the elegant finish will definitely make that Dell look less boring.

2007-04-23 Onwah Tsang

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