Headphonies is the latest must-have collectible to hit the shores of the UK with a range of limited-edition designs by artists Eran Weinberg, Jeremy Madi and Jeremiah Ketner.

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As you can see from the shots, Headphonies has been on a few adventures around the TechCast office these past few weeks.

Headphonies is a 3-inch speaker that is shaped into a cute figurine wearing headphones. Inside the funny looks, there is a built-in rechargeable battery (for up to 4-hours of playback time) and a line-in connection for compatibility with nearly every audio device from mp3 players and mobile phones to your laptop or desktop computer. Once the Lithium Ion battery is flat, you can recharge it via the USB connection.

When switched on, Headphonies has a little red LED light on its chest. It’s supposed to show that the Headphonies is powered – but secretly – I think it’s a heartbeat.

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Despite its minuscule size, sound quality is surprisingly good for what appears to be a novelty item first and speaker second. Small speakers tend to have very low output so when you crank up the volume you get a horrible distorted noise that becomes more annoying than enjoyable. This isn’t the case with Headphonies, the audio quality is maintained even at higher volumes. I had Headphonies hooked up to my iPod Touch and my laptop for the tests and it worked great with both for general listening.

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There are currently two limited edition Headphonies, Diver and HP Man for £24.99 and six other designs to choose from at £19.99 each. The one featured in this review is Softy, but I’ve got my eye on Koko and Inked.

Visit the official Headphonies website to check out the entire range.

2009-10-20 Onwah Tsang

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