Joytech Wii Sports Pack

I’ve been looking forward to testing out the Nintendo Wii Sports Pack from Joytech in this exclusive look at their latest accessory.

Complete with tennis racket, golf club and driving wheel this accessory pack promises to add more realism to the Wii Sports game that ships with every Nintendo Wii system.

After tearing through the blister pack, you will find three plastic attachments that all somehow fit around the Wii controller.

The tennis racket is a hollow loop with a handle attachment that the controller slips and locks in to. Just remember to make sure that the slider at the back is set to lock otherwise you’re going to have some painful accidents both financially and physically.

For the golf game there’s the end of a club, which again fits with the tennis racket handle where the controller is locked in.

A racing grip is also available to simulate a real racing wheel. The controller simply slips in to the middle cross section of the wheel.

With the controller slotted in to the relevant sections, you can either grip or hold these sport accessories as you would do with a real tennis racket, golf club or racing wheel. That’s how it’s meant to work. The tennis racket and driving wheel is perhaps the most realistic of them all

I found the tennis racket and driving wheel to be the most fun parts of the package and you can probably see why. The golf club for me didn’t really give me anything back since the club itself wasn’t as long as a real club and was more of a double extension to the Wii controller itself.

The tennis racket felt like a tennis racket with the added weight and air resistance it was more of a challenge to use it in games but it definitely made it feel more real and added to the fun of the game.

Playing a racing game using the steering wheel felt better than just gripping the thin controller on its side so that definitely boosted the feel of the game. You can get more of a twist and a turn on the wheel and allows you to respond better to the game without having to worry about dropping it.

All three accessories are made of plastic and offer substantially extra grip to the Wii controller with only one that I didn’t really fully understand.

With a £19.99 asking price, I think it’s a good accessory pack to go with, especially if you play on Wii Sports a lot, in particular the golf and tennis games. For the occasional user it’s perhaps not justifiable purchase.

If you’re just after the racing wheel, Joytech do offer a separate model just for that. I have found myself to be using the tennis racket the most and neglecting the other two, so one thing I would have liked to have seen is the ability to purchase these 3 accessories separately as well as offering the option to buy them as a bundle.

Bottom line is, the Wii Sports Pack is a fun kit to have but not essential. One out of the three add-ons (the golf club) is pretty useless since for me it didn’t really change the feel of the game or add anything to it. The tennis racket and driving wheel gives the most impact on game play so if you like to play tennis or you got some driving games for the Wii, then this ones for you.

2007-04-22 Onwah Tsang

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