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Knomo started of at Heathrow Airport in London when the founder picked up the wrong laptop bag because they all looked the same! That’s how Knomo came to be and I’m here to tell you about their latest iPod case range.

Designed specifically for the iPod with video, these cases are stylish and scream luxury. The leather fit and finishing holds the 30GB model comfortably and has space for the 60GB as well. Neat stitching surrounds the outer edges including the inside around the click wheel area.

The slim and discreet design means it can slip in to your pocket quite easily with only a small margin of bulk added to the overall iPod dimensions. The great thing I found about this case range is the fact that it disguises your iPod so well. Some of you may appreciate this, especially considering the increase in attacks on iPod owners making highlights in the press.

On top of the safety disguise factor, it also allows owners of this case to stand out from the crowd of iPod cases. The simple yet still unique look is a definite welcome in my books. There’s no secret latches or hidden functionality. It’s an iPod case that holds your iPod, protecting it from scratches and everyday damage and looks great to boot. These cases are at £28.99 and so slightly higher priced than the usual for iPod cases of this type, but considering it’s got the Knomo designer badge and the quality materials, it justifies the cost if you want that something extra for yourself or as a gift.

Colours that are available are Tan, Porcelain, Red and from July the Black version. I had the pleasure of trying out the tan and porcelain versions. Personally I prefer the tan colour. Makes it look like a leather wallet and hides my iPod from view.

A simple two-button click closure keeps the flap secured or you can leave it loose. Inside you’ll find a velvet and/or nylon interior. The porcelain version had a nylon flap interior and a velveteen interior on the iPod portion. Data ports and headphone jack are left exposed for convenient access. No belt clip option at the back, which I think, is bonus because I hate the things and I dread to think that anyone would use them.

Knomo also stock the Nano version of these cases in the exact same fashion however the flap uses a magnetic closure, which I find strange they didn’t implement on the iPod video model. I think I’d prefer the neater design of a magnetic closure as well as the ease of closing and opening the flap.

An issue that I discovered with the velveteen material for these cases is that it makes your iPod click wheel furry. You can see bits of black fluff coming from the interior material attach itself to the click wheel. A minor issue but one that I think can be overlooked considering the gorgeous looks of these cases. I recommend the Tan version. The picture on the Knomo web-site shows it being a ‘tan’ colour but in real life its actually slightly darker and more of a luxury brown colour.

Get one of these and just smell the leather…ahhhhhhhhh.

2006-06-29 Onwah Tsang

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