LG W2261V

Display technology has rapidly advanced since I last looked at an LCD monitor. That was just a few months ago when I took a look at a 22-inch display from ViewSonic. A few weeks ago, a brand new LG monitor arrived and so I’ve spent some time using it for a range of purposes both work and pleasure. The monitor I’m reviewing is the LG W2261V with a breathtaking 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD panel.

This is the first 22-inch LCD with full 1080p resolution that I’ve reviewed. It’s simply stunning to see that kind of resolution when 1680 x 1050 is the norm for displays of this size. That’s got to be the number one highlight for this monitor, the fact that it packs in so many pixels.

With the resolution mirroring that found on larger high definition TV screens, you do get a slightly wider display with the 16:9 ratio. This makes it great for watching movies and playing games on as well as doubling up as your desktop display for work.

With a thin black glossy bezel surrounding the display, you get a nice view without any unsightly bulging borders surrounding the picture. The bottom of the display bezel curves slightly and is finished with a nice contrasting red and a transparent power button that lights up red when switched on. It’s a nice touch and matches the rest of the current LCD TV and display range from LG. It also makes for a refreshing departure from the bright blue or ghastly green LED’s that have become commonplace in many of our digital devices.

The W2261V is very easy to get setup and running. Once you’ve unwrapped the display, you just push the monitor stand in to the display and secure it by turning the screw handle by hand. It’s got to be one of the simplest setups I’ve come across and it gets extra bonus points for not needing any DIY skills.

VGA, DVI and HDMI, the three most popular display connections can be found on the W2261V. Whilst most displays will now come with VGA and DVI, it’s not very common to see HDMI in there too. Since this display has 1080p capability, it would have been a mistake to not include it. I was glad that I was able to use HDMI with the Asus N10J Netbook that I’d been reviewing which allowed me to plug-and-play and get a full digital picture with no fuss.

Straight out of the box, the monitor is ready for use without having to adjust the picture by selecting one of the pre-loaded configurations. These can be manually changed for when you switch to a different usage scenario such as playing a video game or watching a movie, you want high contrast and good brightness to bring out the colours and help improve clarity if you’re sitting further back. When browsing the internet or doing general computing tasks, you’ll want a slightly dimmed screen with fairly neutral tones to prevent tiredness with your eyes. LG have pre-programmed this monitor to accommodate for these different environments and they work effectively enough that in most situations, you won’t need to configure your own options.

With a 2ms response rate, games look smooth and fluid. I tested the monitor with my Xbox 360 and put it through its paces on games such as Need for Speed Pro Street and Gears of War 2. Both games looked beautiful on the 1080p resolution setting and I didn’t get any issues with lag or image distortion.

The LG W2261V is a monitor that really brings your picture to life whether its your desktop or the latest fast-paced action game. By including a 1080p panel, LG have just offered a cost effective HD solution for those who want a display that doubles up as a computer display as well as for entertainment purpose thanks to its inclusion of HDMI connectivity. The quality display panel provides vibrant colours with deep reds and high contrast blacks that helps to make the most out of HD content. Minimalist design with clean lines and a thin bezel all point towards LG trying to offer the best picture possible.

2009-02-27 Onwah Tsang

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  • Amnesia! says:


    This is a very nice review about this Full HD LCD monitor of LG.
    I’m thinking of buying this monitor for my pc, i’m gaming a lot and also watch a lot of movies!

    I just got one question?
    Since this an TN monitor (and not a TFT), does this monitor suffers any bleeding?

    Posted on 5th March 2009
  • techcastoni says:

    @Amnesia: If there was any backlight bleeding, I didn’t notice it. That’s from using it to play games in dimly lit/dark room and using it as a desktop monitor.

    Posted on 5th March 2009
  • Amar3tat says:

    I just got this a couple of days ago, its excellent and well worth the money. I upgraded from a Samsung 19″ 1440×900. Connected it to my xbox360, gives great gaming pleasure

    Posted on 11th March 2009
  • Cliff says:

    Hi, superb review it outlines what in my opinion is a BRILLIANT monitor both in performance and price. I have tried no less than 20 LCD monitors in the past twelve months and having used this LG W2261V for the past month I am blown away by it’s performance both for computer work and watching movies.

    It’s glamorous appearance underlines it’s virtues, I would have no hesitation in recommending and I would equally enthuse it deserves a 10 out of 10 star rating.

    Posted on 13th May 2009

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