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Not unlike what you would expect to see in a movie like James Bond, the Loc8tor Lite provides an ideal solution to tracking the things you lose frequently.

The Loc8tor Lite system comes with two mini homing tags and the slim, credit card-sized receiver that weighs next to nothing and fits nicely in your pocket.

Simply attach the cell-battery powered tags to your keys or leave one in the car so that when you forget where you last left them (sometimes I forget where I parked the car), simply whip out the receiver and hit the tracker button for the tag you’re looking for.

The device then starts to beep and will visually indicate using the LED lights as to whether you’re getting warmer or colder…almost like a game you used to play as a kid.

As you move closer towards the tag, and ultimately the thing you’re looking for, the receiver starts to beep more rapidly and the yellow and green LED’s start to flash.

Loc8tor Lite boasts a range of 400 feet however your mileage may vary depending on the environment you’re in. One thing I can definitely commend it on is it’s accuracy. If you’ve picked up on a good direction and you start to move in a slightly wrong direction, the device will let you know straight away.

Setup is quick and easy, simply pair the device with the tags that you have. Included are two tags that are the size of large ear buds and up to four tags can be registered to the receiver. In open spaces, Loc8tor boasts the ability to track objects from up to 600 feet away, however interference does have a dramatic impact on its ability for detection.

The range can be reduced to as little as 100 feet and potentially less if large objects are blocking the signal. I tested the Loc8tor Lite with a tag in the glove box of my parked car, which was sitting about 300 feet away, but the receiver failed to pick up any signal. I walked closer and closer and the receiver was still unable to detect it.

Even when I was standing just a few feet away the receiver would not pick up a signal. The problem? I believe it was the large white van which was parked in front of my car could have been the cause, because once I got right up to the car, the Loc8tor started working – which kind of defeats the point.

In-house tests for objects in different rooms over distances of up to 50 feet were tested and worked very well with rapid detection and accurate direction. Another tests at an airport car park proved the system worked as it should have done.

With a price of £44.99, this isn’t overly expensive for what could save you a lot of time looking for commonly misplaced objects. The package comes with two mini tags for attaching or placing on items you want to track, however extra units will set you back £24.99 for a set of two. For the price tag, you expect this device to work and not just be a gimmicky toy (which at first I was afraid it would be), but I’m happy to admit that I was wrong.

2008-04-15 Onwah Tsang

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