Logic3 i-Station review

Logic 3 iStationLogic3 iStation

RRP: £59.99

Manufacturer: Logic3

Web-Site: www.logic3.com

Best Price Found: £34.90 including Vat and Delivery from www.expansys.com

This was a surprise and delight to test! At £59.99 not only is this a feature packed iPod speaker system it also acts as a dock and charger.

Inside the box you’ll find the speaker dock itself, FireWire cable, USB 2 cable, UK adapter, overseas travel adapter and a whole host of iPod docking plates to fit all iPod sizes old and new.

The unit is made out of all plastic and features a fold-away design so that you can take away with you on travel. Whilst plugged in to mains as soon as you dock your iPod it will start to charge and connect your iPod to your computer. It was a surprise to find both the FireWire and USB 2 cables in the box as FireWire cables usually retail at around £19.99 on the high street.

The build quality is extremely good and comes with a protective screen for the speakers whilst it’s in transit. With a left and right stereo speaker and a rear sub woofer speaker, the sound quality is on par with some of the better stereo systems that I’ve heard in the past and much better than playing music through my PowerBook. You can also use this with batteries rather than mains, which again is a handy feature, which you won’t find in other iPod speaker dock systems. I say iPod dock and speaker system because that’s what this product is catered for but you’ll also be glad to find that there is a line-in with the cable so you can plug in any other mp3 player that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s as simple as that!

I’m not sure how they’ve managed to do it but its great how you can pretty much get everything you need for almost half the price of some other systems that you find from high-end manufacturers such as JBL and Altec Lansing.

Once you’ve selected the track or play list you want to listen to just sit back, listen and enjoy. The speakers have more than enough volume to fill a large room and increasing the volume doesn’t introduce any distortion to the sound at all. It’s crystal clear.

The only slight problem that I encountered with this system is a slight buzzing noise from the mains power supply which filtered through to the speakers. This was only a problem when the speaker system was plugged in and not in use but other than that it didn’t have any affects on the sound quality of these speakers.

On the front fascia you have a simple four button control system. One is the power, two for volume and a 3D effect. When switched on there are two blue LEDs that light the iPod up from the side which adds a nice touch to the system. Logic 3 certainly hasn’ forgotten about any features with this system. The Volume buttons control the iPod volume directly through the data port so you don’t have to adjust the volume level at both ends.

The unit comes in glossy black and glossy white for the same price so it doesn’t matter if you got a white or black model iPod. Flexibility is the word that comes to mind when you talk about the iStation. It does everything and more that you would expect from a system like this and at this price.

To conclude, this fantastic piece of kit is perfect for anyone who wants really good sound quality and a unit that they can take with them on their travels. It’s a complete solution for a speaker, charger and synchronizer for your iPod and the best in quality for the price range it is in.

2006-03-06 Onwah Tsang

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  • yellowmelon says:

    An informative review! Haven’t heard of these before but I’ll check them out as I’m in the market for a docking speaker system and not too keen on the iPod Hi-Fi. Liking your stuff guys.Keep it up.

    Posted on 6th Mar 2006
  • oni says:

    These speakers also aren’t affected by frequencies from devices like mobile phones which often cause that annoying rumbling noise (which frequently shows on my Creative Labs 5.1 speaker system)…something that I only just recently noticed.

    Posted on 14th Mar 2006

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