Logic3 i-Station Traveller

Introducing the i-Station Traveller, the latest portable speaker system from Logic3. These speakers are designed for on-the-go listening to your favourite tunes and will work with any music device with a 3.5 mm jack.

At the rear you’ll find you will find an attached cable with a 3.5 mm jack on the end of it, this embedded cable pulls out so you can plug it in to the relevant port on an iPod for example.The speakers are powered by four AAA batteries, which surprisingly were included in the box. You have to unfold the speakers before you can use them and you just flick the switch at the back to on and away you go.There is also a 5V DC jack at the rear next to the power switch so you can plug this in via mains but the adapter expectedly isn’t included.

Available in six nice colours, there is a distinct feeling that these speakers are aimed at the iPod Nano range with similar colour shades to them, that and the fact that they picture this system with an iPod Nano attached might also be a clue too.There is a distinct feel of quality to the material that it’s sturdy enough and built well enough to survive being thrown in to a bag. The fold away design is excellent for making this already small speaker system even smaller with the centre stand piece folding forwards to make the entire speaker system ‘flat packed’ for easy travel and storage.A 3.5 mm jack cable is nicely and neatly cable managed in to the rear of this speaker system that can be pushed back in to place when not in use, this makes it fantastic for quick and easy removal as well as storage without the usual tangles.

Not to forget that this is a travel system that will possibly experience some rough handling, included in the package is a soft case for travel to protect it from any knocks and scratches.The i-Station Traveller is literally small enough to fit in a jacket pocket ready to be sprung out for use. All you have to do is unfold the stand, and pull out the speakers to the side, enough to fit whatever device you’re connecting to it, switch it on and hit play. With an innovative pull out design, it’s possible to fit all sorts of portable devices in the centre stand simply by pulling outwards with both hands.

At just 4 watts of total output for both speakers don’t expect room filling sound but for quiet listening or for when you’re travelling these speakers are more than capable of fulfilling your musical needs. The neodymium speakers are excellent at reproducing sound and is the same type of speaker that is used in higher end systems, so although this isn’t going to be your main listening station at home, it’s got just enough quality to make tunes from Paris Hilton sound OK.

This all round package is ready to go straight out of its blister pack and for £19.99 there’s not a lot you can fault Logic3 on. With a travel case and the required batteries to get going, the i-Station Traveller makes for an ideal travel companion that will not only work with an iPod, it will work with any mp3 player or music-enabled phone with a 3.5 mm audio out jack. The sound quality is acceptable and whilst it’s not full of volume and bass it’s hardly tinny either. Perfectly acceptable quality for a system of this size and cost.

Is there anything else like this on the market? I haven’t come across anything as portable and priced so competitively so this one gets the TechCast Recommended Award….get a set or two of these if you’re going away this Summer!

2007-05-02 Onwah Tsang

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