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The Mac Case MacBook Pro sleeve hit my door steps a few weeks ago but I’ve only recently had a chance to test it out since my MacBook Pro spent three weeks in Apple ‘labs’ to have its guts ripped out and replaced.

The Mac Case sleeve if anything has a striking design that is unlike any other you’ll find on the market. The exterior is made of Nylon which will give your MacBook Pro adequate protection from daily knocks.

Mac Case have gone for a non-zip closure which is designed to prevent harm and scratches coming to your MacBook Pro when you zip up or even when it’s just in transit.

Mac Case has put in some nifty design features in to this case. For starters you get a nice little window that is designed to show of the Apple logo. So you can now carry your Mac in arm and show the world how proud you to be an owner of such a beautiful machine.

On the other side of the case, you get a vent which is meant to dissipate heat from your notebook after you’ve been using it. Typically a sleeve will be an all in one enclosure with no openings or ventilation which means minimal breathing space for your notebook.

Around the edges of the case I noticed that there is a slight departure from the rest of the sleeve. I later discovered that this is to help absorb small impacts and shocks from reaching the inside. This edging is inside and outside of the sleeve itself.

If you reach your hand inside this sleeve, you’ll immediately notice a feeling of a substantial level of ‘thickness’ to the materials that are used to produce this case. This re-assures you of shock absorption.

Whilst in my opinion it’s not the prettiest of sleeves out there, the waterproof nylon fabric does allow for some quite substantial protection to your Mac. The zipper-less design is new to me for a sleeve with a simple Velcro solution, which is designed to prevent your Mac from getting scratched by the metal zippers that you usually get in laptop sleeves.

I found the window for displaying the Apple logo is a bit too much, and would have preferred this to have been closed up. Not for shame that I own a Mac, but purely for the fact that it’s a bit too smug, even for an Apple owner.

The rear ventilation area at the back of the sleeve is a ‘cool’ and unique idea. Especially with the toasty Apple range of laptops these days, this ventilation area may prove to be of actual use.

The Mac Case sleeve is available for the MacBook and both sizes of the MacBook Pro as well as older generations of portable Macs.

So there you have it, the Mac Case sleeve for the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. A sleeve with some original design features not found elsewhere. Other than that, its protective qualities will ensure that your portable Mac will live a long and happy life.

Go buy one if you want to express the smugness in knowing that you have the best notebook on the market now, tomorrow and for some time in the future.

2006-09-15 Onwah Tsang

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