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Road warriors listen up! The Marware Protection Pack is designed specifically for those who want to protect the areas that many people tend to neglect.

The package can be bought for a number of different portable Macs. This includes the three sizes for the PowerBook, 12 and 14-inch iBooks, the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook.

My review unit was for the MacBook Pro. Inside the package are a soft microfiber cloth and a soft PVC leather hand rest cover.

I’ll start with the microfiber cloth. Many people have this cloth for cleaning LCD screens. They prevent scratches and marks, and they effectively lift dirt, dust and grime from your screens. The included cloth can be used for this but it also doubles up as a keyboard cover whilst your Mac is in transit.

You’re probably wondering why you’d want a keyboard cover when the LCD screen closes to cover it anyway? Well, truth is, your keyboard is probably covered in dust, dirt and grease from all the times you’ve been tapping away at it. Whether it’s after you’ve had pizza or sticky sweets, you don’t want any of that to transfer on to your LCD display when you close it.

The microfiber cloth helps prevent this problem by covering the entire keyboard span and making sure that the LCD screen on your Mac closes to a nice soft cloth. Plus how many times have you been away from home with your Mac and needed to clean the screen because it’s covered in dust? I’ll raise my hand to that!

The hand-rest is the second part of the protection pack. It adds an extra layer of cushioning to the area directly beneath the keyboard and around the trackpad surrounding too. It’s precision cut, so it matches the exact dimensions to provide maximum fit and form.

The adhesive on the underneath is specially formulated to prevent residue when you need to remove it and yes you can remove and re-apply as often as you like.

As for the feeling, if you’re often typing on the built in keyboard then you’ll find this a comfortable pad to keep your wrists resting on. It’s got a nice leathery cushioned feeling when you rest your hands and of course, it prevents the build up of dirt, grime and grease from forming on the wrist rest area. Something I’m guilty of sometimes.

The colour of the cover is a dark grey, and Marware have done a good job in matching the colour to your Mac, so that it doesn’t look too out of place.

I think the claim for protecting your MacBook Pro from scratches is a bit exaggerated perhaps? The anodized aluminium material that the chassis consists of is meant to be scratch free anyway, so it defeats the point of having it if you’re buying it purely for this.

However if you’re not buying it for that, then this makes an excellent choice for not only adding that extra level of protection but if anything it will prevent the build up of dirt on this particular area.

If you have a MacBook Pro or even a PowerBook, you’ll notice that the LCD display rarely closes evenly on the rest of the chassis. However, the hand rest not only does it’s protecting duties, it’s also the right thickness to stop that gap from forming where the LCD display closes at the edge of the MacBook Pro. That gap where dust can get in to or becomes a visual ‘annoyance’ goes away.

So all in all at $19.95 (translates to about £11) it’s a good value protection pack that’s not only good at protecting some of the most important areas of your Mac as well as making it that bit more comfortable to work on.

The Marware Protection Pack for the MacBook Pro gets the thumbs up from the TechCast team and the TechCast Recommended Award. This is one that we’d buy…and we think you should too.

2006-07-19 Onwah Tsang

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