Marware Sportfolio I

If you’re not quite looking for the bold and extra-strength design of the Matias Laptop Armor case that I reviewed previously, then perhaps Marware can help?

The Marware Sportfolio offers a rugged neoprene sleeve/case hybrid design. It offers more storage than a sleeve typically does with the one compartment, by offering a split centre compartment, a front pouch and a rear zipper pouch. However it is about as compact as the usual sleeve design.

The front pocket offers convenient and easy access to small items such as keys, documents, CDs, USB flash drives, and anything else that isn’t as valuable as those that you would store in the rear zipped compartment. Again at the back you’ll be able to store similarly sized items as you would at the front.

The central zipped compartment is where your notebook would go, and houses enough room for up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro, so PowerBook, iBook owners are welcome here.

Inside each compartment is a soft lined interior, so iBook owners needn’t worry about scratches from appearing on the glossy exterior.

One of the features that I love about this case, is its portability. It makes your 15-inch MacBook Pro look small…as small as say a MacBook. The overall dimensions of the case makes carrying your case a delight without adding extra bulk or weight.

The bottom and sides of this cases’ exterior is lined with rubber. This serves two functions. One of these is to offer a little extra shock protection in the event you drop it. The second is to allow you to easily carry this case as a folio (i.e. under arm). Since this case does come with the shoulder straps too. If you prefer you can carry it as a folio or by its carrying handle…flexibility built in as standard. I like it!

On top of carrying your Mac (or Mac wannabe), the middle compartment offers a divider that allows you to store documents up to A4 in size. The dual zippers ensure easy opening to the spacious inside.

As usual, I’ve found a no compromise design with this product from Marware. Even the shoulder strap (made out of rubber for grip) has a slight foamy action to it for maximum comfort and stability.

You can get this case in Black, Blue and Graphite. The colours refer to the front pouch.

The Marware Sportfolio 1 comes in at $39.95 which is about £22. This represents good value compared to the usually more expensive and ten times more boring case designs out there. This is what passionate Mac users would call, a sleeve on steroids.

Also be glad to know that you can get this case to fit the 12-inch PowerBook/iBook and the 17-inch MacBook Pro/PowerBook. There’s no custom MacBook version, but I tested to see whether the one I reviewed would fit nicely, and I was not surprised to find that it fit comfortably with little room to spare.

If you’re looking for a protective sleeve for extra portability but want something that will also offer some storage for your peripherals and documents, then look no further than th Marware Sportfolio range – designed to fit your portable Mac needs.

2006-07-27 Onwah Tsang

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