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A few months ago we had a look at the Marware Sportsuit Basic. Well I’m back again with another Marware product; the Sportsuit Convertible.

The case is the same in terms of the design of the Sportsuit Basic but it is made of orca neoprene instead. This gives it a more rubbery texture signifying grip and higher quality.

There are a couple of other key differences from this and the Basic model. Have you ever wanted to take your iPod out with you for a run or to the gym?

This one’s designed for active users who want to take their iPod video with them on bike rides, the gym or just a jog. The arm strap allows you to securely attach your iPod to your upper arm and continue to enjoy your music whilst you’re working hard on that tread mill.

Another attachment is also included. In the box, you’ll find a removable side-opening protective lid. This helps to further protect the iPod when you’re out and about and the weather is typically British (i.e. wet). The cover offers extra protection to your iPod in case of any knocks whilst at the gym or an element of rain-proofing to your iPod.

I have to say, the Marware engineers have really thought about active users here and I was surprised at how complete this package was.

Just like with the Basic model, you still retain full access to the front of the iPod. The front is protected by a clear plastic screen which will still allow you to control the click wheel. The un-restricted access will be a bonus when you need access to your iPod.

Now we all know the iPod Video is pretty big in comparison to its smaller options (e.g. Nano or Shuffle), and this is a concern that I had before I even received the case.

However, having attached the case to my arm this morning and using it at the gym, it felt comfortable enough for me to forget I had it strapped to my arm, yet secure enough for the Velcro to detach or awkward that it gets in the way.

It just worked perfectly and I now had the benefit of blocking out all background noise and listening to those ‘power’ tunes for those moments when you’re really going for it.

It’s a really clever case and I think many of you out there will definitely find it comfortable to use during any activity whether it be jogging or biking.

One of the first arm-band type cases that I’ve reviewed so far, hopefully there will be more to come but I would like to see how other models compare to how complete and comfortable this solution is for your iPod exercising needs.

This product gets the TechCast Recommended Award.

2006-07-14 Onwah Tsang

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