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Matias were previously first to market with an all-aluminium case for the iPod. We reviewed it and loved it for its amazing and over-the-top protective qualities.

Today we’re showing you the Matias Armor for the 5th Gen iPod.

This hard wearing and scratch-free case offers some significant protection to your iPod. Unlike the previous model we reviewed several months back, this one has been streamlined to fit the sleek design of the current generation iPod.

Available in the 30GB and 60GB sizes as well as black or silver, this case now provides a clear view of the iPod screen yet continue to protect it from everyday life.

The scroll wheel is also exposed for easy access along with the dock connector, headphone jack and hold switch. Whilst it doesn’t provide as complete protection as the previous iPod Armor case, the compromises have been made to provide functionality that many users will most likely demand from any case.

Inside the packaging you’ll find a belt clip and neck strap. Matias have also been smart to make sure that the back of this case doesn’t have any sharp pointy bits protruding from it, which is typical of many cases that feature the belt clip. This means you can put this case in your pocket without it causing any pain when you sit down.

The material used in this is anodized aluminium. It’s ultra-lightweight and high quality finish maintains a decent style which reflects a hard-wearing and tough image. This case will definitely protect your iPod from most impacts and scratches.

Whilst the exterior is made of aluminium, the interior is lined with neoprene to further optimise its protective and caring abilities.

The case opens by splitting in half with a hinge at the bottom of the case. A small catch at the top of the case keeps the front fascia secure to the rest of the case. This is easy to get at, so if you need to remove your iPod from it, you shouldn’t run in to any troubles.

To conclude, this case demonstrates what an iPod case should be all about. The Matias Armor is lightweight and sleek yet solid enough to protect the precious iPod from the effects of daily life. At the same time it’s accessible and easy to remove.

At $39.95, this case translates to about £20, which isn’t that bad for a decent quality iPod case that comes complete with belt clip and neck strap. However, there are cheaper alternatives which are more or less the same. I found the design to be similar to that of the Proporta Aluminium Case that was reviewed several months back and that came in at £14.95.

2006-08-15 Onwah Tsang

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