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Up until recently, I was using the Griffin Elevator for my MacBook Pro, and before that, the Griffin iCurve for my PowerBook. Despite the Griffin Elevator and iCurve being one of the most well known products for Mac stands, I have replaced the Elevator for the Matias iRizer.

The iRizer from Matias is a much more flexible product than my previous stands as it allows you to choose what angle you have your laptop sitting at with a choice of four heights. Anything from 20-degrees right up to 50-degrees, your Mac can sit comfortably whilst you work.

I found the iRizer to be instantly more comfortable to use with or without external peripherals. When set at 20-degrees, the laptop is sloped towards you enough to make it comfortable to type on, and raises the screen high enough so that you’re not hunching over the desk. The raised profile means that your hands are at a more natural angle for typing, which will help reduce repetitive strain injuries.

if your work setup is anything like mine and you prefer to use an external keyboard and mouse, then set it to 40 or 50-degrees to raise the screen to a height that allows you to look straight ahead. It makes it better to work with and helps you keep to an ideal sitting posture.

The design behind the iRizer allows it to be flexible and simple to put together. Consisting of just two parts that interlock, it takes just seconds to fit. This also makes it portable enough to slip in to a notebook bag. I often collapse it down and take in with me to work.

A positive side-effect of having a stand is that you improve the air flow around your laptop. With your laptop raised, air can now circulate all around the chassis, allowing it to keep cool and performing at optimal temperature and may even increase the life of the components such as the CPU and hard drive.

Included with the iRizer is the bonus addition of the Mini iRizer for your portable devices such as mobile phones and media players. The Mini Rizer follows the same design and gives you the option of a 40-degree or 50-degree tilt, perfect for watching videos whilst travelling to prop up a media player such as the iPod.

2008-10-07 Onwah Tsang

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  • jackoran says:

    I was looking at the Griffin Elevator, but you identify a good point that the Elevator is not adjustable. That just about swings it in favour of the Matias. Thanks for the review!

    Posted on 9th October 2008
  • th5yisntryte says:

    I’ve been on the look out for a good laptop stand, and whilst your review is favoured towards the Matias, how about the others? Any plans to review competing models?

    Posted on 15th October 2008

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