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If you require the ultimate carrying case for your laptop, then I suggest you look no further than the Matias Laptop Armor.

Available for all laptops in sizes from 12-inch to 17-inch, this rugged case will not only let you transport your precious item, it will also survive an incredible 3-foot drop.

This case really does look the part. Especially if you’ve got either a PowerBook or MacBook Pro, the silver version of the Laptop Armor will match the colour and clean lines of your portable Mac.

You can get this case in both black and silver and it has this genuine secret-agent look to it. The aluminium shell will, just like your Mac, turn heads wherever you go because the design is outstanding and unique to any other I’ve seen on the market.

However, you don’t buy this case for its looks, you get it for the protection it promises. If you’re going to spend MacBook Pro money on anything, you’re going to want to protect it. I chose the Matias Laptop Armor for the job.

I’ve had this case for about 6 months now and it served my PowerBook originally and since that has passed on, it is now providing protection for my MacBook Pro. I have to admit, it has certainly kept its promises.

The hard exterior has survived many a drop and throws in and out of a car. It’s survived being thrown about in the boot of my car as well as the occasional knock when in transit. With this case though, I can always be confident that my laptop is going to be protected.

Whilst the outside of the case is made of tough aluminium, to avoid shock damage to the contents inside, a padded foam interior is used to absorb the vibrations. The Velcro strap inside also ensures that the laptop is kept secure and from harms way.

In the box you get extra padding so that laptops of any size will fit this case and most importantly of all, without it moving about.

They’ve also managed to fit a small amount of document storage inside as well. No room for AC adapters unfortunately. This case, whilst as big as any other, has extensive layers for added protection, so the inside is not as spacious and of course you don’t get any of the exterior pockets you come to see on other cases.

The lid compartment houses three A4 sized filing storage and three pockets. The A4 compartments give plenty of room for documents and paper but wont handle large books or reams of paper. The pockets of course are limited in what they can do, because if you fill them with items too large, it will come in to contact with the laptop and prevent you from closing the case, or in the worst case scenario, if you force it to close, you’ll probably end up damaging your laptop.

The case is lockable by key for security. The two buckles at either end of the case provides solid and secure attachment of the lid of the case to shut firmly and has a positive click noise to it. Just like what you see in the movies. The carrying handle just misses a pair of handcuffs for it to be a prop out of a movie.

So the Matias Laptop Armor doesn’t score so well for storage but then again, I guess the designers behind this product didn’t really have that objective in mind.

Another issue is the weight. It’s not a light case by any means, but again that’s because of the materials used to be able to protect your contents from a 3 foot drop on to concrete floor. There’s nothing more re-assuring that.

The shoulder strap does give some relief and ease for carrying but you occasionally find yourself swinging around and hitting something behind you. I’d hate to be the person that gets hit by this case.

I highly recommend the Matias Laptop Armor and give it the TechCast Recommended Award. This case really excels itself for overkill protection of your laptop or just about anything else you put inside. The sturdy and rock solid design means you wont ever have to worry about damage coming to your laptop whilst its in the case. The sleek looks and impressive design matched by a reasonable price for this level of protection (about £70) means you get total peace of mind.

2006-07-10 Onwah Tsang

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  • Joe says:

    Do you still have this? I dropped my MBP in the metro and it crushed the front of the palm wrest. Looking for something STRONG. Thoughts?

    Posted on 27th Mar 2012
  • techcastoni says:

    @Joe: Yes I do still have this – it’s an incredibly strong case that I’m certain has saved my MBP from many knocks over the last few years!

    Posted on 21st Apr 2012

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