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It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard before. It sits in the palm of your hand and it’s plug and play. It will also work in nearly any environment you happen to find yourself in.

I’m talking about the Miidio UFO. This compact speaker system delivers audio in a unique way. Not only is the design unlike anything you’ve seen before, the UFO shaped speaker is completely self contained with no external speakers. However, looks can be deceiving. The speaker is designed to work when resting on a surface that can pass vibrations – such as wood or glass. When connected and powered up to a sound source using the standard 3.5mm cable, the Miidio UFO will output audio using the surface it’s sitting without the the need for an actual speaker.

The technology works by channelling the audio vibrations in to the surface it’s sitting on through a contact point at the base of the unit. This sends the vibrations firing downwards on to surface it’s sitting on and creates the resonance required for the audio to be heard. Results may vary depending on the surface you place it on but the audio quality can be surprisingly good. I tried everything from a window to a radiator, each offering a slightly different but clear sound.

Included in the packaging is a set of batteries and battery box, 3.5mm cable and power adapter. This is where the Miidio UFO design doesn’t make sense to me. From its portable design, it’s possible to easily take this speaker with you on your travels. However, you’re going to be disappointed at the fact that it requires no less than eight AA batteries in a separate battery box that is in fact larger than the speaker itself to get the speaker powered up.

Of course, there is the mains adapter that ships with it, however being tethered to the wall negates the portability aspect of the product. This will also limit you to placing the speaker on surfaces that are within reach of the power cord.

At £70, I don’t think it would work as a travel speaker system. For home or office use, there’s no practical reason why you shouldn’t consider the Miidio UFO. It’s something a little bit different to what everyone else has and if you’re not too concerned about having the best sound quality, it’s a big space saver for your desk.

Audio-buffs won’t appreciate the Miidio UFO since it’s more of a gadget but I think a product like this can survive as it’s an innovative piece of technology offering a new way for listening to your music.

2008-06-13 Onwah Tsang

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  • Alex says:

    it kind looks like a flying saucer…but i think that is a good thing; modern looking ahead of its time possibly

    Posted on 8th July 2008

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