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One of the runaway success stories in the history of gaming has got to be the Nintendo Wii. With over 23 million units sold worldwide since the launch a little over a year ago, chances are you have either got one or know someone who has.

Well, I’m not here to talk about the Wii, because I already did that here. I’m here to tell you about a companion accessory that every Wii owner should be looking at.

Earlier this year, the official Wii speaker system was unveiled. Carrying the official Nintendo accessory seal of approval, 4Gamers have designed and built a speaker system for the Nintendo Wii. 4Gamers are a third party manufacturer of hardware and accessories for the Wii and other platforms.

What makes this a unique addition, and one worth taking a closer look at it, is how much attention has gone in to the detailing of the design.

The cleverly crafted 2.1 speaker system features a subwoofer that sits on a plate that also houses the Wii unit. When powered, a strip of blue light mirrors the light that appears on the optical drive of the Wii. There’s also the corner cut-off where you’ll have access to the volume and power controls.

Setup is very simple. Simply unpack everything and sit the subwoofer and Wii into the new seat. At the back, you just attach the power cable (UK and EU cables come in the box) and the RCA cables coming out the speakers and the Wii to the back of the subwoofer. Flip the power switch on and you’re ready for some intense golf or perhaps bowling.

The two stereo speakers have been designed to look like the nun-chuck part of the two-piece Wii controller system. However, the analog joystick design is cheekily deceptive because they look as though they actually do something when in fact they don’t. The stands that the speaker sit on are made of an incredibly thin and light piece of aluminium but allow the speakers to sit comfortably on any flat surface.

To control some of the other functionality available, the remote control is styled to be exactly the same as a Wii remote with dimensions, colour and key layout being precisely the same minus the trigger. With the remote you can control the power, volume, mute, loudness, 3D audio, and the treble and bass levels.

Naturally, I started my testing with the Wii Sports game package and found the audio to be so much better than what I had previously been experiencing through my television set. Audio clarity was crystal clear and bass levels were perfect, a testament to the quality of the speaker design considering the 30 watt ouput. Even at high volume levels, the speakers hold up well with no distortion even with bass levels at maximum. I began to see why Nintendo rewarded 4Gamers with the seal of approval.

Having a decent speaker set up to go with the Wii really makes a difference and changes the dynamics of the gaming experience. For instance, when testing the speakers with Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, there was a sudden shift in excitement and how dramatic each scene was compared to when playing without this set up.

Although 4Gamers are a third party manufacturer, there is nothing about this product that screams knock-off or cheap. Every bit of detail to attention has been considered and it not only looks like a great fit for the Nintendo Wii, it boasts excellent sound quality that works incredibly well on any type of game and will bring a whole new dimension to your games.

If you’re not already running the Wii through at least a 2.1 speaker system, then this one is worth considering because it packs a punch in both volume and price with the going rate around the £70 mark.

2008-04-20 Onwah Tsang

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  • Michael Smith says:

    These look fantastic….. I shall be investing in a pair for my wii. Can’t wait to get a hold of Smash Bros Brawl to give it a good thumpfest on too!

    Posted on 9th June 2008
  • oni says:

    It’s a good system – not just for the Wii either. I’ve had the 360 and my laptop through this and on every occasion, the quality has been top!

    Posted on 10th June 2008
  • Spencer Christie says:

    These are now down to £29.98 on GAME website but I live in Ireland and I saw them in my local GAME for €25

    Posted on 30th August 2009
  • steven says:

    can you connect this to your ps3 or other games consoles?

    Posted on 16th November 2010
  • Disappointed Buyer says:

    This system is crap.

    The clarity is NOT crystal clear as the lack of real Tweeters.
    Midtone is harsh.
    Bass is full and rich.

    Additional, the system produce a 50 Hz Tone, even if it is in Standby and the inputs are disconnected.

    Bought this System for approx. 12 Us$, but this 50Hz tone is very (!) annoying.

    Posted on 20th May 2011

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