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Straight from Saint-Tropez in France, this French company has forwarded us the latest luxury sleeve in all its leather glory to us at the TechCast office.

The Noreve Leather Sleeve for the MacBook Pro boasts handcrafted leather available in four different colours.

I’ve had a chance to spend a week using this case for my MacBook Pro, carrying it from place to place as a protective sleeve. The colour I received was the Camel version which is a light brown, almost ‘Timberland’ in colour.

Texture, smell and quality are what define this product. If carrying your MacBook Pro exposed to the world isn’t luxury, designer and premium enough for you, then you should consider the range of sleeves they stock for portable Macs and other laptops.

The review sample I had features a soft pebble texture to it, but you’ll find the Black and Sandy Vintage colours made of a quality smooth leather instead. Inside you’ll find a soft cushioned lining, ensuring maximum comfort for your Mac whilst in transit.

When you first open box containing this case, you’ll get an instant reminder of what a ‘fresh’ leather shoe smells like. This is genuine 100% leather.

The sleeve closes using a standard zipper, the exterior features precise stitching. Not one stitch is out of place on this sleeve. No marks, logos, or anything can be seen on this sleeve. This protects the fact you’e carrying something as expensive as the arms you’re using to carry it. The only decoration you’ll find is the small Noreve logo in one of the corners.

The sleeve features no other compartments other than the main part for storing your Mac. The model I received was actually for the 17-inch model, so it was a little bit bigger than necessary, however the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro fitted nicely and comfortably inside and I was able to fit documents inside at the same time if I wanted to. Remember, this is a sleeve rather than a carrying case, so if you get the size that fits your Mac, then it’ll most likely meet the exact dimensions for carrying it with no room to spare, just like any other sleeve


The craftsmanship is undeniably flawless. Not one thread out of place. Everything is sound.

Personally, I think I would prefer the Black smooth leather version as apposed to the Camel. If it were a darker brown, then I’d be happy to go for it, but it’s just a tad bit too light for my liking.

None, the less this is an excellent case for those that demand the best and those who are also willing to pay for it. This case comes in at £47.85 for any of the colours, which is more expensive than other suitable alternatives that offer the same functionality.

Noreve is all about quality, precision, form and elegance.

2006-07-21 Onwah Tsang

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