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New from Proporta is the Alu-Leather Sheepskin case. This compact high quality case features a luxury leather material that is lined with aluminium to maintain its protective rigidity.

This case is available in brown, blue, red, grey and pink. At £29.95, the price of this case doesn’t really justify the features but you don’t get an inferior product by any means. The build quality is excellent as is the texture and ability to protect your iPod Nano from everyday bumps and scratches. High contrast stitching is similar to that found on other leather ‘flip’ cases and has the same high quality finish that is found on other Proporta products.

Since the case is lined with aluminium, it is compatible with the Magnetic Vehicle System that they sell for £12.95. This allows you to dock your Nano in your car without the need for extra clips or attachments. It cleverly attaches straight in to the suction mounting system attached to your windscreen.

The magnetic closure button ensures your iPod stays safe and secure while in transit and to access the controls and ports you simply unbutton and flip the case open.

Having used this case for a couple of weeks I have to admit, I didn’t experience any problems with the build quality and the leather ‘sheepskin’ material was a delight to feel. This lightweight and compact case does the job it was designed to do and does it in style but it lets itself down when it comes to pricing.

The best part of £30 for a case this small is beyond what most people are prepared to pay and I would suggest a lower pricing point of say £20 maximum.

The iPod accessory market is flooded with hundreds of designs and manufacturers. There are simply too many cases out there with more functionality and more design for Proporta to justify the £29.95 asking price.

If you really must have this case and are unable to find alternatives then it’s recommended otherwise I would suggest you look for cheaper and better alternatives.

2006-06-07 Onwah Tsang

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