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For several months now, my Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone has been wearing the Proporta Polycarbonate case as a second shell. With a limited number of cases available on the market for this handset, I was surprised to find one custom made to its exact dimensions.

Proporta manufacture and distribute a massive range of products that cater for old and new gadgets, from the various iPod generations to the latest smartphones, you can be sure that Proporta probably makes something for it.

The first time I saw this case after removing the packaging, it was a little short of what I expected. The look was cheap and it all felt a little bit too thin. Impressions changed however after putting this see through, two-piece snap on cover to my K800i.

Design wise, Proporta haven’t done that bad of a job in getting the right dimensions for the handset just right so that it doesn’t rattle around inside and the ports or buttons aren’t covered up. The entire handset is protected with this case with cut outs for all of the buttons that surround the edges of this phone, a large square cut out for the main keypad and at the rear, you have a cut out which allows access to the camera.

Does it do what it says on the tin? I have to say yes. I’m a clumsy one for mobile phones. I always drop them or they manage to slip out of my hand or get knocked over some how or some way, and over the past few months this case has been bearing the brunt of the abuse. Despite this, the case is still in fairly good condition and removal of the case reveals a pristine handset without a scratch on it. So the case definitely does its job.

Whether it does it in style or not is another question. Without the case on, the K800i looks quite slick, and with the case on, although it’s clear polycarbonate, it just doesn’t look quite as good. Unfortunately it loses marks in this area. There just seems to be too many unnecessary lines or grooves on the case that don’t represent any part of the original design of the phone. It loses its appeal because the look isn’t as clean as it is without the case and it doesn’t add anything else special to it.

The other issue I experienced was the gathering of dust inside of the case. Whilst this doesn’t do any damage to my phone, it starts to get silly and annoying when you get dust particles stuck in some areas of the phone. The main culprit is at the back where there is a large area for dust to get in to. Is this a fair compromise in order to keep your phone safe and free from scratches?

My answer to that question is probably yes. This case retails at £9.95 direct from so if you’re as much as a klutz as I am then this might be worth considering.

Until someone comes up with a better solution, this case will remain on my K800i until I either break it or I change my phone.

2007-03-12 Onwah Tsang

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