Proporta Ted Baker for iPod Touch 2G

Proporta have been dealing with cases and accessories for a whole range of portable gadgets for quite a while now, but they’ve often lacked a certain element of quality and class that some of the higher-end manufacturers are offering. This is why I was so surprised when when I received the Ted Baker leather case for the iPod Touch.

The mixture of black and rich teal green with matching colour stitching makes the case look fantastically fashionable. Perfect for any fashionistas or for those who want to show their iPod Touch in a classy light.

With a flip cover, Proporta has given this case a funky exterior with a headphone pattern embossed. Inside, you’ll find the iPod holder that is neatly crafted to fit the rest of the case. Screen protection relies on the flip cover, so you can have unrestricted access to your Touch. Those who are more wary may want to invest in one of those sticker-based screen protectors. The Home button is a little bit tricky to get at because of the thickness and close proximity of the case portion that is holding the Touch in place.

What’s not to like about this case? Well, if you’re one who frequently requires access to the Touch, then this might not be the most practical of choices. You would end up buttoning and unbuttoning the cover to the point where it will drive you mad. Hoever, if you’re the occasional user who likes to put their favourite playlist on and let it run its course, then this case is the perfect match for you. It exudes quality with its attention-to-detail design and craftmanship as well as its trendy looks.

2009-01-18 Onwah Tsang

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