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In my on going efforts to find the best arm band sport wrap for the iPod Video, this week I’ve been testing the TuneBelt from Proporta.

This model is the best price out of the four I’m reviewing, coming in at £15 (£2.95 worldwide shipping).

The neoprene case features a clear protective mylar window that to maintain full access to the controls of the click wheel. You will also find a velcro strap a the side for keeping in place the excess headphone cable, something that some of the other armbands I’ve been testing lacked.

If you’ve ever been running with an iPod armband, you’ll find the headphones to be a bit of a nuisance with it bouncing up and down in front of you.

The strap is held in place using a buckle and can accommodate arms up to 20″ in diameter.

The iPod just slips in to the armband and stretches to fit and secures the iPod inside the case. You’ll find the usual accommodation of port holes at the top, with the headphone jack and hold switch exposed for easy access.

Another factor I’ve looked at is ease of clean for these armbands. You can get away with hand washing this armband due to the nature of the material used.

I found that whilst running with the TuneBelt, the armband would progressively slide down my arm to my elbow joint, even after tightening. I found this to be an annoyance due to the fact that it got in the way whilst on the tread mill.

Whilst performing other exercises, however like weights, rowing machine, walking, the armband was up to the task, performing its job.

The basic solution to storing excess cable from your headphones is a unique idea and one that wasn’t available on any of the other cases, so bonus points for that.

If you’re looking for a no-frills case, that gets the job done, and you’re not going to be doing much running, then you fit the profile for the design of this case.

2006-07-27 Onwah Tsang

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