Siemens E450

With the last Siemens handset that was reviewed a few weeks ago scoring some good marks with its features, it was the design that left me wanting more so I have the Siemens E450 handset. A digital cordless phone with colour screen finished in black with a blue trim. This stylish product encompasses some nice simple features that add value but overall the design, battery performance and usability are perhaps the most important functions for a digital cordless set.

Rock solid stability is proven with its shock proof design and naturally being a house phone, it is all the more likely to be kept in the oddest of places or lost under the couch. Not only is it shock resistant, the design of the handset is also splash proof making this one of the toughest home phones I’ve ever come across and ideal for a busy household.

The hard plastic design with rubber seals around the edges of the screens and on the side of the handset keeps the dust and water out as well as keeping it shock resistant in the event of a drop. This is a bonus feature that will appeal to a busy household that may perhaps have kids (that’s not to say adults aren’t clumsy as well).The usual list of features that are found on a digital cordless handset are naturally found on the Siemens E450 with handsfree mode, name and number directory, 300 metre outdoor and 50 metre indoor range and a choice of different ring tones.

The E450 is no ordinary handset though and expectedly so, there are some nice extra features included such as birthday notification from the names and numbers stored in the directory. Backlit keys and display although are pretty standard in handsets these days, a colour screen isn’t, which adds a nice finish to the overall usability of the handset in comparison to the blocky mono screens that you typically get.Having the SMS texting functionality although far from being standard, is becoming increasingly common and it’s nice to see that the E450 has this if for whatever reason you can’t get to your mobile phone you can quickly and easily send a message from your phone handset.

If you’re buying a set of the E450’s with 2 or more handsets then you can enable the “room monitoring” feature which essentially turns one of the handsets in to a baby monitor. This is a fantastic feature for those that will find this useful and something I’ve never seen on a home phone before and I am almost certainly that there will be people out there who will find this function useful.Battery performance time is in line with what most other digital cordless handsets have with the ability to stay away from the base for about a week at a time with minimal use or endure hours on end of phone calls. Siemens rate the standby time to be 160 hours and 12 hours of actual talk time.

Siemens have combined a good formula of design and form in this stylish handset. However, the style does appear to have taken precedence over function with the E450 because the flaws that I discovered in the handset adds to the frustration in something that you expect to just work when you pick it up to use.There are two major issues that I found with this handset and the first one is apparent as soon as you start to dial a number because sometimes the handset doesn’t pick up on the fact that you’ve pushed a button which often ended up in my dialling the wrong number. With a slight delay in every push of the button including menu access it very quickly becomes annoying especially when you want to dial quickly.

The second major gripe I have with the E450 is the lack of a ringer in the base and there’s not a lot of volume in the main handset to compensate for when the handset is downstairs and your upstairs or outside so nine times out of ten I don’t hear it ringing. I thought problem was put to bed back in the days when I used to have a cordless analogue phone where both the phone and base rang at the same time and the base rang with enough volume to hear it throughout the house and in the back garden.It’s a real shame that the Siemens E450 suffers from these problems because otherwise they have a winning product that I would buy, but unfortunately these issues have resulted in some bad experiences with the phone, which overshadow the good points that it offers. If you’re a patient person or just slow at pushing buttons then this ones for you.

2007-06-12 Onwah Tsang

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