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Introducing the Microsoft Notebook Laser 6000 Mouse, the beginning of the end to the laptop track pad is here. This mouse features the revolutionary High Definition laser technology with scan rates at 1000dpi and 6000fps. If those numbers mean nothing to you, then take this. You can use this mouse on any surface and venture in to areas that optical mice have yet to go.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, you can simply plug and play on any of these systems but to unlock the ability to customise the buttons you will need to install the supplied software. One unique feature of the mouse software is the ability to use a Magnifier. Using the short cut button and the scroll wheel you can zoom in to any portion of your screen whilst you work so you can edit details in much greater detail than previously before. Ironically, the magnifier feature runs a lot smoother on Mac OS X systems. The whole screen simply magnifies in one fell swoop and the camera moves when you move the mouse, whereas on an XP system it opens up a magnified window of that screen portion which follows your mouse cursor.

One of the great features of this mouse is the ability to run it on just a single AA battery which will last 6 months+. This means the mouse is a lot lighter and economical to run. If you’re sceptical of this figure which I’m sure many of you will, I’ve got the Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer and that runs on two AA batteries and have been using for over a year of daily usage now without changing these batteries.

The scroll wheel that is standard across the range of Microsoft mice also features the side-scrolling feature. When powering up the mouse for the first time I was expecting some sort of glow or laser point to hit my desk but you don’t get anything.

The wireless USB dongle is about as big as the smallest USB storage drives, if not smaller. In fact it’s so small that the designers have implemented a snap in storage system so you can neatly and safely keep everything together when you’re on the move.

Features aside, the ergonomics is also important for any mouse and perhaps more importantly so with a mouse that’s to be used on the go and probably on many different surfaces. Again Microsoft’s designers have come out top with a comfortable to use design despite its size that is comfortable for both left and right handed users. You wouldn’t think a mouse that small would be comfortable to use for pro-longed periods but I’d have to argue that isn’t the case. With a hand-moulded design, which you often find on Microsoft mice, you have complete wireless freedom from your laptop.

To conclude, the Microsoft Notebook Laser 6000 mouse is quite possibly the best laptop mouse on the market today. With incredible precision in such a small package in a seamless design that is both portable and extremely powerful. However if any manufacturers out there wish to challenge this then they may do so. Featuring an ultra-portable design, on-board wireless USB, single AA battery operation and 6 months+ battery life, you can’t go wrong with this mouse.

A quick price search found this mouse averaging round £30 which is similar to prices found for equivalent models. So pricing isn’t that bad either.

This one gets a TechCast Network recommendation.

Never has a notebook mouse been so smooth and yet so powerful.

2006-03-20 Onwah Tsang

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