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In the final coverage of the sports armband series, the Speck ActiveSport is the latest product I’ve put through its paces.

This particular arm band has a more distinct look to it and is the most well padded of the lot I’ve reviewed. The mesh material helps keep your skin breathing whilst it sweats and the iPod case itself is made of a reflective material so that you can use it for those midnight jogs that so many of us go on. You also have a screen protector and Velcro strap that is adjustable for 12 to 18-inch circumference arms.

Again, this product is designed for the 5th Gen iPod and fits it quite comfortably without being too tight or loose.

The ActiveSport was designed for one thing in mind and that’s for the sweaty, I mean sporty iPod users out there who want a cool looking arm band that is comfortable to wear and yet at the same time remains sleek enough not to look out of place whilst strapped to your arm.

At first glance, from getting it outs of its packaging, I thought that this thing is going to be pretty big. However, once I tried it on, it had a comfortable fit which didn’t out of place more than the others I’ve tested.

The sporty looks will most likely match your running trainers for the fashion conscious out there.

Whilst strapped to your arm, the iPod is still useable since the click wheel is left exposed and the screen protector provides a window of view for the screen.

The breathable mesh material used for the arm strap is a cool feature. It didn’t provide as much grip as the Speck Armband with its rubbery material, but it did the job for most cases. The only time the strap failed on me with the ActiveSport is when I go for my power run on the treadmill which means going for a quick sprint. The extra force on the Velcro material means that it loosens up and starts to uncomfortably slide down your upper arm.

However, if you’re not going to be taking part in any activity as strenuous as a full on sprint, then you won’t have any problems with keeping this armband secure in place.

At $34.95 it’s not a bad price. That works out roughly to be £18. Go check it out at www.speckproducts.com and see if you can loose a few pounds this Summer with the ActiveSport Armband from SpeckProducts.

2006-08-07 Onwah Tsang

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