Speck Products – See Thru for MacBook Pro

When you see something memorable, it’s often the unexpected that sticks in your mind. The MacBook Pro offers a great view point from the front, back and in profile, so why ruin that view with a case, sleeve or cover?

Enter one of the sleekest Mac protection product to hit the market.

The Speck Products See-Thru is a polycarbonate shell for the MacBook Pro that boasts a tough rigid construction and will take the grunt out of the knocks and scratches that your notebook would otherwise be exposed to.

According to the Wikipedia entry for polycarbonate, the material is a part of a group of thermoplastics, and is considered a very durable material which can be laminated to make bullet-proof glass. The high impact-resistance qualities of this material is also scratch-resistant and is used from buildings, eyewear, the iBook and MacBook, optical media and many more products. Cutting to the chase, this stuff is ideal for protecting your rather expensive notebook.

Combining the protective qualities of a sleeve and the material used in the MacBook, the See-Thru redefines the notebook protection market.

Not only does it perform an excellent job at protecting your notebook, it’s also an eye-catcher. The case is available in both clear or red and both give your MacBook Pro a stunning glossy finish, so immediately you’ll get the same MacBook finish and moving away from the standard cold aluminium finish.

The snap on design comes in two parts and takes seconds to install and can be done without even reading the instructions. Simply sit your notebook in the base of the unit and push down slightly for it to click in and then push the top section on to the top section of your notebook. That’s it, you’re done!

I think Speck Products has really hit the nail on the head with this one. Although it adds slightly to the overall dimensions and weight of your MacBook Pro, it still remains light and sleek enough to carry around or store in your case.

I would recommend this solution at $39.95 over other products such as the stick-on type protection. Protecting your notebook this way is way cooler and much more Apple-like if that makes sense? It ties in with those words that Apple like to use…seamless integration, design aesthetics, ergonomic and just looks good!

You needn’t worry about cooling or access to your ports. Everything has been designed with purpose. At the rear you’ll find a 74-slot ventilation system to ensure that things stay nice and cool. The ports have all been precision cut out so you don’t have to remove the case just to get access to the ports. Everything is left open for easy access including the infra-red sensor, lid latch and optical drive slot.

The review unit I received was the clear version, but as mentioned previously there is a red version available and Speck Products are set to release a 13-inch MacBook version.

If you’re looking for some scratch, stain and dent prevention, the Speck See Thru is the product to get. They’re the only guys that have come up with this and at a fantastic value of $40, you’re not going to break the bank nor ruin the cosmetics of your Apple Mac.

2006-10-28 Onwah Tsang

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  • juliansr says:

    my letter to speck:

    I recently purchase one of your MacBook Pro shells.

    I am upset about the quality of this product. The finishing of the pieces is mediocre at best.

    None of the edges are completely flawless, but there are three spots where the edges are particularly ugly and literally rough.

    I have attached images of the blemished areas (all THREE separate blemishes amounting to 13?¢‚Ǩ¬ù of ugly edges), so that you may see firsthand.

    Rough edges are present on both halves of the cover, very visibly so in the case of the two longer, wider blemishes.

    These pictures were taken today, minutes after receipt of the product. The darker areas (that appear white instead of transparent) are all very rough and I do not feel as if the quality of these pieces compliments either the 40$ price tag or the computer it was designed for. Had I been aware of the quality missing in the fabrication of these, I would have been more cautious with this purchase. It looks 8$ flea market cheap.

    Redeeming quality: that the polycarbonate was a smart choice in the tradeoff of rigidity and flexibility. It appears to be able to flex somewhat, reducing the likelihood that it might shatter, but is stiff enough not to accidentally peel off.

    Posted on 16th November 2006
  • oni says:

    Hi Juliansr,

    I’m sorry to hear the problems you’ve encountered with the Speck See-Thru.

    I’ve been using mine for a few weeks now and it’s been flawless. I still do recommend it.

    Have you contacted Speck customer services regarding this matter?

    I will make sure that I forward your email to my contact at Speck to let them know what has happened.

    Hopefully this will be resolved soon!

    Editor of the TechCast Network

    Posted on 16th November 2006

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