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This simple yet effective armband is probably my favourite so far.

The Skin Tight Armband from Speck Products comes in two parts. You have the silicone skin tight skin with screen protector and then there’s the arm band.

The silicone case is detacheable from the armband, so you can essentially use this as a stand alone iPod case. The case is finished in a see-through effect with a textured behind.

Unlike most silicone cases where you slip it through the hole for the screen, this ones easier, with an insert at the bottom rear of the case. You simply pull it back and push your iPod through.

The headphone jack, hold switch and click wheel are left exposed for obvious reasons. One would argue that the click wheel should be covered in a thinner silicone material to protect it whilst your sweaty finger tips are changing tracks. However this is only a minor mark against what I think is a really cool product that is so simple yet so effective.

The armband is like the belt clip holders you used to get with the iPod mini. You push your iPod in to it, and it grips it at the sides.

At first I had concerns that the iPod wouldn’t be secure enough to prevent it from dropping out whilst doing physical activity like running. However after spending a couple of hours this morning in the gym, I can confidently say that the iPod will not fall out at any point. Even during strenuous activity.

Having this clip on and clip off feature, means that rather than struggling to access your iPod whilst strapped to your arm, you can simply pop it out of the armband and use it as you would do normally, then once you’re finished, just push it back in. It’s really simple and easy to use.

Another feature I particularly liked is the design of the armband itself. The arm strap is made of a foamy material. It’s thin and it grips very well to your arm. Some iPod cases will slide up and down your arm whilst exercising, and you don’t want this to happen, because after a while it’ll start to rub on your skin, leaving red marks on your upper arm.

The attachment is secured in place using typical velcro and has a wide degree of flexibility. Design wise, the entire armband when strapped to your arm looks very sleek and doesn’t get in the way of your workout.

The 30GB iPod with Video is already quite a large object to strap to your arm, but somehow Speck Products have managed to create a slim, streamlined and seamless arm band for the active user.

Keep your iPod safe when working out, go get the Speck Products Skin Tight Armband

2006-07-31 Onwah Tsang

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