Speck SeeThru for iPod Touch 2G

In a tasty ‘apple’ green colour, the Speck SeeThru that I’ve been testing for the past couple of months provides hard-shell protection for my iPod Touch 2G. If green isn’t your colour though, you can pick from one of the other five including obsidian black, diamond clear, quartz pink, amethyst purple and garnet red.

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The form hugging case is made of a polycarbonate plastic, providing strong, yet lightweight protection. Cut-outs are made in the design to give full access to the controls and ports. To fit this on to your Touch, Speck has designed it in two parts that just slide and lock together. It’s very easy to fit, and likewise if you ever need to remove it. And of course, because it’s plastic, you can easily rinse it under the tap every now and again to keep it fresh.

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Rubber grips are included in the design on the left and right side of the case. This gives you the extra grip when holding it in the palm of your hand.

The rear of the case is semi-translucent, giving the case a metallic look with the Apple logo clearly visible.

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Another function of this case has been sneakily hidden in the design. It’s not one that’s immediately obvious when you look at it. It’s only when I actually read the instructions that I realised there was a purpose for some of the design decisions.

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If you slide the lower portion of the case (the smaller section) off your Touch and turn it face down on a flat surface, you can then use it as a stand for holding your Touch in landscape view. This is really useful if you want to use your iPod for watching vidoes whilst you’re travelling or perhaps during a break at work. It will also allow you to dock your iPod more easily if you use it with a desktop dock or stereo. It must have been one of those ‘aha’ moments when the designer came up with this one.

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The Speck SeeThru could have been just another case, but they were smart enough to realise that there are already plenty of those available on the market already. So a bit innovation and a bit of cheeky cleverness have resulted in a product that delivers on the protection and a little bit more to make living with the Touch just that bit easier.

2009-05-19 Onwah Tsang

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  • Spike says:

    Wish I could agree with your review, but I just bought one and the lower portion of the case steadfastly refuses to slide off now. Looks like I’m gonna hafta destroy this one just so I can replace it with something that actually works.

    Posted on 1st August 2009
  • techcastoni says:

    @Spike: That’s unfortunate Spike. Have you tried getting in touch with the retailer to get it replaced/refunded? I can assure you that the one I got slides on and off very easily.

    Posted on 1st August 2009
  • Michal says:

    This case is pretty solid and provides nice protection for the iPod against concussions and falling damage. However, it has some two major flaws. The rubber rails at the side were attached very poorly. After 2-3 weeks the glue that bound them to the case pretty much dissolved, which resulted in the rubber bars wandering all over the case staining it with sticky glue leftovers. Second flaw is that even though the case protects the device from damage, it does not protect it from scratches. In fact, I noticed that removing and reattaching the case itself scratches the back surface of the iPod. I regularly clean the player as well as the case and do not open it that often, so it seems it either provides poor protection against debris or has flaws in design.

    Overall, I give the case 6/10. The note is also decreased due to lack of a screen-protection film.

    Posted on 7th February 2010

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