Speck Tough Skin – 2Tough for 2G Nano

If you’re the most accident prone person who can’t go a day without dropping your Nano whilst crossing the street and then having it run over by a tank. You might want to pay closer attention to this review, because we have something you might be interested in.

Speck have recently launched an entire new range of cases for a number of portable devices and at the top of their list is of course the iPod range. Today I’m going to tell you about the Tough Skin – 2Tough for the iPod Nano.

Protection is definitely not short on this case with a rubber surrounding, chrome tubing and tough polycarbonate front and back completing the protection for your Nano. I haven’t tested anything on the market that comes close to how completely over the top this case is. However, that can be a good thing for some of us.

Cases that tout god-defying protection tend to come in big bulky plastic boxes that are heavy and more importantly, will get you kicked out of a Kevin Federline concert. So that’s no good for many of us, since we will want to stay and mock him.

Shock absorbers

The rubberised corners that surround the top and bottom portions of the case have air pockets inside of them, which helps with the shock absorption that your Nano would take on without this case. The chrome tubing adds to the style of the case as well as transferring vibration from a drop or knock in to the rubber corners rather than it damaging the innards of your precious Nano. Speck call this protection technique ‘DropGuard’ and anyone who is willing to test this case to the extremes, feel free to let us know how it goes in the comment section at the end of the review.

Speck have got your back…and front too
Our friend, polycarbonate, that is found in so many different products these days has unsurprisingly made its way in to the 2Tough since it’s one of the most resilient plastics that wont shatter and will take a massive beating before it gives up.

Included in the package as an optional extra, a rubberised scroll wheel protector can be put on the inside of the case before shutting the front lid. I prefer to keep this bit exposed because I find that when it is covered, even with silicone it affects the sensitivity of the wheel, so it’s nice that Speck have made it optional.

The bottom is covered to a certain extent with the rubber corners but leaves the data port and headphone jack exposed for convenient access.

Is this the ‘toughest’ case on the block?

Anyone is welcome to challenge Speck to a duel but I’m quite certain that I’ve not come across anything that offers this much protection without diminishing the form factor of the Nano. The 2Tough whilst very protective doesn’t add that much more to the overall thickness of the Nano and keeps it at a tight size that fits comfortably in your pocket or in your hand.

For the accident prone or downright careless people out there, well say hello to your ‘toughest’ challenge yet. To break your iPod when its in the Tough Skin – 2Tough!

2007-03-29 Onwah Tsang

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