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TwinMos have created a two piece iPod speaker dock that promises to deliver a 2.1 sound experience straight from your iPod whether you’re listening to some DRM-free music, watching a podcast or enjoying the latest movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store.

The main speaker has two left and right stereo speakers and is also the dock for your iPod. A separate sub woofer delivers the bass in an oddly yet kind of cool looking way. Some have pointed out that it looks more like a helmet than a sub woofer, but I guess that just adds to its odd yet fascinating design.

The sub woofer operates at 25-watts which is able to pack quite a punch providing you got the right tracks with two stereo speakers running at 8 watts each for a combined 41 watt output.

TV out is available with using the composite connection at the rear of the speaker dock as well as line-in from non-powered devices. This meant that the speaker system wouldn’t work with my XBOX 360 or connect to my laptop. However, if you have another mp3 player that isn’t an iPod and want to use it with this system then you are more than welcome.

Decked out in a glossy exterior, it is quite clear that TwinMos have aimed this at the iPod 5G with white and black models to suit your requirements.

In the centre of the system you will find the iPod dock, infrared sensor and touch volume controls. This is a nice simplified approach to controlling the volume, however whilst using these buttons I did experience some problems with the remote. Whenever I would touch these buttons, for some reason the infrared remote would stop working.

Neatly tucked behind the dock is a USB port, which allows you to plug in the iPod shuffle (first gen that came as a USB stick). I can’t imagine many people still having one of these but none the less, this feature is a nice add-on. What would have been better is if it could also play back mp3 tracks from a standard USB or mp3 USB stick.

At the rear you will find the hard power button, connector for the ‘boom box’, 12V power connection, audio in port and the composite TV out. This is a simple set up for anyone to be able to get up and running very quickly and the TV out is an added bonus since only a few of the iPod docking sets out there actually include this.

Included in the box is a slim line remote, not that dissimilar to the style, size and design that many other speaker docks offer. For some reason, however, and perhaps it’s for the latter description, TwinMos have chosen to bundle a silver coloured remote control with this speaker system. That is extremely odd considering the lengths that TwinMos have clearly gone to colour this speaker system in white or black.

The sub woofer reminds me of a helmet or some kind of prop out of a sci-fi movie, adding to its cool looks. The bass is downward firing, which some of you would either agree or disagree is a bad thing. A good listening test should resolve this rather swiftly.

My test tracks for this speaker system ranged from the new album from Newton Faulkner to Rosie Thomas and Mark Ronson. With a good range of bass and vocals in these albums, I could test to see if the name of this speaker dock could live up to its name.

The result? I was impressed with the mid range and tweeters built in to the main unit, however the sub woofer did let me down. There was something missing from the sound levels and made any bass in the song stand out completely from the track that was playing. It didn’t sound natural enough.

You will find acoustic tracks or any track with a lack of bass instrument to be a pleasant listening experience with the TwinMos Boom system, however there isn’t enough ‘boom’ in this speaker dock to really justify its title.

TwinMos need to re-think the design of the sub woofer to make it work properly. The sound doesn’t gel together with the rest of the system. This is partly a result of the downward firing sub, partly because the sub woofer is separate to the main unit. Whatever the main cause for the poor bass is really lets the system down resulting in a not so pleasant sounding bass response.

With its unique design, the helmet shaped sub woofer and boat-like iPod dock complete with blue neons is dangerously close to being classed as ‘cheap’, however, looking past these issues you have a relatively good speaker system.

2007-10-25 Onwah Tsang

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