UNIEA U-Suit for 5G iPod

The UNIEA U-Suit for the 5G iPod has been wrapped around my iPod for the past few weeks as I test it for everyday durability and practicality and of course style and design.

This new style of case has nice rounded edges and textured leather material all over.

Available in four colours, the U-suit for the 5G iPod has a built in screen protector and can also act as a desktop stand for watching movies.

I thought that this was a great idea, especially if you’re on the move.With the built in stand, all you do is remove the iPod from the case and put the case front facing down on a flat surface. At the rear you will find a cut out hole that fits the shape of the base of the iPod. Simply ‘dock’ it on and hey presto, you got yourself a desktop stand for when you’re on the plane or on the train.

The fit for the iPod is snug but not so much that it’s difficult to slip on or remove, the hard ABS-reinforced material exposes the entire top portion of the iPod and has a cut out at the base for access to the docking port. Unfortunately the cut out at the base of the case wasn’t big enough to fit the FM transmitter I normally use. So perhaps it would have been better if the base portion of the case was exposed more and the top portion be closed off since you only really need a cut out at the top big enough for access to the headphone jack and the hold switch.

Internally, the case is lined with a soft material, which helps to prevent any scratching of the iPod. This adds to what is overall a well made and well packaged iPod case. The white model that I’ve been testing gives my iPod a refreshed look and a quality feel and while it’s not claimed to be 100% genuine leather, the fit and finish of the case is great for a relatively in-expensive case.I would question who chose the colours for these cases, although the black and white models are fine, the purple and red are questionable. I guess it’s a matter of taste…whether you have any or not?

UNIEA have come a long way, as this company rolls out more and more Mac accessories from the U-Suit for the Apple notebook range, to the quick launch of the fresh new iPod range that recently hit the market. You will find the U-Suit style casing for these iPods should you be lucky enough to have one.

2007-10-04 Onwah Tsang

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