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This is my encounter with the iCleaner cleaning solution for the iPod.

The promise is that iCleaner will help you remove all the dirt, grease, and most importantly of all, scratches.

Surface scratches on the front fascia of the iPod, as well as the mirror back have plagued the iPod since the very first model (apart from the Mini). So if you want to breathe some new life in to your iPod, then iCleaner is probably the best solution.

My good friend Rich has already posted a review with his attempts at removing scratches from his iPod. His initial reaction was that it didn’t really work that well for him.

We went back to iCleaner with these results and they reckon we needed to keep repeating the process several times. So I went back to the drawing board and had a go at removing the scratches on my iPod.

One thing you do have to realise is that you will need patience. If your iPod has had a fair amount of usage without a case, then it will take some time.

You can get the iCleaner Pro kit for $35, which comes with two bottles of solution; one for cleaning and one for scratch removal. Then there’s a small tub of cream that you apply for deep scratches as well as a micro fibre and polishing cloth.

In my haste for proving that this stuff works, I didn’t take any ‘before’ pictures. The after pictures do show the results.

I wasn’t able to remove every single scratch from the iPod, but it did have an effect other than polishing. Some of the more serious scratches, in particular the screen of my iPod video were more or less gone or not noticeable.

The scratches do remain but the only way you can see them is to hold your iPod up to the light and at the right angle. Only then do you see the scratches. Hence the need to get my camera up close and at an angle where the light was able to show the scratches.

So I guess it does remove the scratches, but not all and not forever. It works, it really does. It gets rid of the major scratches and leaves your iPod pleasing to the eye again.

For those that aren’t willing to spend the full $35 or sceptical about this product, then I suggest that you try the iCleaner Scratch remover for $14.95. At the very least, it will give your iPod a new lease of life with a scratch free fascia and you’ll be able to see your lovely face in the polished mirror on the back again.

2006-07-10 Onwah Tsang

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