V-MODA Remix earphones

Bliss indeed. V-MODA’s “Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone” noise-isolating tech does a fantastic job of isolating background noise allowing the Remix earphones to deliver uninterrupted audio enjoyment straight to your ear canals.

Using a blend of Kevlar reinforced cable for strength and metal, the V-MODA Remix looks and feels like a quality product.

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The in-line remote consists of three buttons and a microphone for use as a handsfree headset. V-MODA lists the Remix as compatible with the iPhone 3GS, but I found it to be incompatible with the newer iPhone 4 – unfortunate if you’re like me and you’ve just upgraded. You can however get the non-mic version if you just want to use them as earphones – on that note, the inline remote didn’t work for music control.

Included in the pack is a soft carry case, four pairs of black and clear silicone fittings and detachable earhooks. In terms of fit and comfort, I found the Remix to be lightweight, secure even without the earhooks and generally a comfortable fit.

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From Rihanna and Kanye West to Chicane and John Mayer, the V-MODA Remix earphones delivered crisp, bassy audio that really brought out the enjoyment of my favourite tunes. Certain tracks performed better than others, which may be down to personal preference but there were many tracks that just sounded completely different and ultimately, much better to listen to with the Remix.

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I’m listening to Amazing from Kanye West’s album, 808’s and Heartbreaks and everything from the vocals and bass to the backing tracks sound sharp, loud and every bit the quality that I would expect from earphones that dare to put the HD moniker in its marketing materials. Some audio products do have a bias towards music that tend to listen better at high volume and with high levels of bass – a one trick pony if you will with its equaliser settings preset to make certain tracks sound better. I didn’t find that with the Remix. Whilst tracks from the likes of Kanye West and Black Eyed Peas really excel with its bass levels, vocals from Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon and Snow Patrol all sounded every much as authentic and vibrant as they did on the bass-heavy tracks.

There are few sound systems out there that can hit all the right nerve endings in your brain to really enhance the enjoyment of your music, V-MODA Remix easily fits right up there. It was great to rediscover my old favourites because the sound just isn’t the same when you’re listening to them with the Remix.

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It’s unfortunate that the microphone didn’t work with my iPhone 4, but that’s ok, because I can still enjoy them for what they were intended for: delivering amazing uninterrupted music.

2010-08-24 Onwah Tsang

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