Valleyschwag 3 arrives!

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Today I received my Valleyschwag 3 package.

This is the first of the packages that aren’t wrapped in the burlap material but none the less, they’ve managed to pack it with a few more items than the previous months schwag bag.

In this months package you’ll find:

I was more impressed with this months package. Just felt more feature packed. The poster was definitely a bonus, it’ll be going up on the wall somewhere later on today.

The NVIDIA glow thing was cool and a bit unexpected as was the fortune cookie from Mozes.
Cool t-shirt, one that’s wearable outdoors or around the house. A handy pen will be useful and if I want to ever pose as an Mi6 Game Marketing employee, I could use the lanyard 🙂

The rest of the bits and pieces are stickers from, ioda alliance, snubster and abazab – all cool services on the web.

In particular ioda. I’ve been using this to search for tracks that I can use for my podcasts and videos as background music. Or even just to check out any new and upcoming artists, as the quality of the artists on this service are surprisingly good.

That’s it for Valleyschwag package 3.

I suggest you all head on over to to sign up to at least try it out for a month or two. You’ll be surprised at what you get.

2006-07-10 Onwah Tsang

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