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If you’re a fan of tech freebies then you’ll be interested to hear that the latest “home-cooked-and-brewed, operation straight out of Silicon Valley” is selling a subscription based package that gets you monthly freebies!

Consider it a monthly care package of schwag and goodies like t-shirts, baseball caps, stickers, badges, keychains and all the other sorts of promotional materials that companies give away. Well now you can get these for $14.95 (including US shipping) every month. That’s about ££8 for us lot here in the UK. Add on shipping costs and the total price comes to a tad over £11

It’s not a bad deal considering you get something at least once a month. You can of course cancel whenever you fancy if you’re not a fan but initial reactions to the first care package that went out in April is that people love it!

Just Google the term “Valleyschwag” or go to Flickr and search for the term “Valleyschwag”. You’ll find hundreds of photos on the schwag that people have received and peoples expressions of joy and happiness.

The ‘stuff’ comes straight out of companies based in Silicon Valley plus things that other companies send to them for distribution. So you always get the cool stuff from some of the top names on the Web today.

I’m one of many thousands that have signed up and I’m eagerly awaiting the latest May shipment which should arrive in the next few days. Expect a complete review of what I get in the so called ‘schwag bag’ accompanied with photos and a podcast of the service.
Don’t delay now. Give them a try it’s only 11 bleeding quid – dont be stingy like!

Click here to sign up now

2006-05-30 Onwah Tsang

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  • Phosgene says:

    So the race is on to see who gets their schwag first. Trust my luck to just get a job when these damn parcels are scheduled to arrive. Here’s hoping the post gets here tomorrow or early on Thursday before I have to shuffle off to work. 😐

    Posted on 30th May 2006
  • oni says:

    I can’t wait for the ‘schwag’ to get here either. I hope it’s hot!

    Posted on 30th May 2006

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