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This morning I was awoken by mr postman. To my delight when opening the U.S Postal Service bag, inside contained the highly awaited Valleyschwag bag.

I’ve posted pictures on my Flickr site as to what exactly I got. For those who ended up with the same or a similar package then I suggest you visit this link for an explanation.

My initial reaction to what I saw was a little bit of disappointment but I think all can be forgiven considering the pressures that Valleyschwag were under to deliver to so many people.

However I am pleased to read in the link above that they are restructuring the processes they go through when allocating ‘schwag’ to people as well as when they ship international orders out. It seems my package would have been part of the last batch since I only received it today (06/06/06) – eekk…maybe it’s something to do with the date and the release of The Omen today? Or that I’m in England and international orders were last to be wrapped and shipped.

I have to say I am still pleased with what I got, just a little underwhelmed. As promised, a t-shirt was included and the rest were stickers, tattoos, couple of badges and some cool looking Perplexcity cards. I’ve literally just opened and snapped some pictures and then come on here to write about it so haven’t had time to read through those cards but they seem pretty cool.

Perplexcity is some kind of online role playing game where you solve mysteries and take part in an interactive story environment. It’s a great idea for those who have the time…but I’m seldom able to find it.

Having read about the ‘goatse’ thing I regretfully Googled it….I was hospitalised for several days and unable to see for a week.

I’ll try and get some modelling shots of the frespursuits t-shirt. Hopefully with someone who is good looking 😉

So all in all I’ve paid ��11 and received at the very least a t-shirt and some cool badges/stickers.

The next schwag bag is promised to be better with a more even distribution and I’ll be looking forward to showing what I get here in England, so us fellow Brits (if we’re not too tied up with the World Cup) can get on board with the whole schwag bag concept.

I’ll keep you all posted. In the mean time feel free to check out my Flickr photos of what I received in the May issue of Valleyschwag and don’t forget to sign up!

2006-06-06 Onwah Tsang

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  • Phosgene says:

    Well looks like you got your a couple of days earlier than me. It isn’t something to wet yourself over but I am putting that down to them being a little dazed and confused with the number of subscribers after ‘schwag #1. It is definitely worth a few more months if only because there will be people who won’t stay the distance and that’ll mean all the more for the rest of us.

    And yes, I did wear the T-shirt out of the packet to prove how bleeding edge I am at work. However they are all so un-hip that no one noticed. :-/

    Posted on 9th June 2006
  • oni says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing it outdoors yet. I think I can forgive schwag package #2 – my first, and continue with my subscription for a few more months to see what other goodies I get.

    Well hopefully, people wont drop off, I\’m hoping for more people to sign up so that in some way or another they\’re able to procure even better schwag.

    I guess we’ll see.

    Posted on 9th June 2006

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