Wacom Bamboo

Calling all creative types and artistes, I’ve got a hold of the Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet that will help bring the artist out of you.

Whilst graphics tablets have been around for a long time now, it’s only recently that companies like Wacom have started to target the consumer market. For some, it has become a substitute to a mouse for a more natural tablet approach to controlling your computer.

The Bamboo features a decent sized writing area of 15 x 10 cm and is finished in a matte and glossy black. The flat surface is comfortable to use with a small palm rest area at the bottom.

Along the glossy top portion of the unit, you’ll find four shortcut keys and a scroll wheel not dissimilar to that found on the iPod. When powered, the four shortcut buttons light up giving you forward and backward buttons and two programmable keys. The scroll wheel can be used to scroll or zoom in and out of documents by tapping on the up and down arrows or move a finger in a circular motion around the wheel to navigate documents and websites.

The digital pen that comes with the Bamboo is finished in the same matte black with a rubber grip and comes with a desktop holder. You’ll be glad to find that the pen uses a magnetic nib, so it doesn’t require any batteries. This results in a lightweight and controllable pen, important factors to consider if you’re going to be using it for considerable periods of time. Along the side of the pen, there is a push button for right clicking that is accessible by your index finger.

You can find the Wacom Bamboo for less than £50 from Amazon and it has the same features as those that are £100+ with a tracking rate of 133 positions per second and 512 pressure levels, all allowing you to create magnificent pieces of artwork on your computer or just doddling when you’re bored.

The Bamboo supports Windows Vista and Mac OS X and will happily work with applications such as Photoshop so it gets a thumbs up from me as I continue to use it with Photoshop.

2008-08-12 Onwah Tsang

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