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I’ve always stuck with a simple alarm clock on my bedside table and never really bothered with the radio or CD clock radios. The notion that these things are either pointless or too complicated to use has been engraved in my head for so long that I have never thought that it’s worth the time or money. In fact I’ve been using the same digital clock for the last 10 years, so it was a new ‘bedroom’ experience for me.

Inside the boxNot packaged quite as extravagantly as its big brother (the Tango), the Luna still has that quintessential finish that sends an excited thrill down the back of your spine when you first unpack the contents to reveal the white glossy surface and black surrounding grille. The first peek of it just ignites the excitement inside of me so much. Perhaps it’s just my obsession for technology but the Luna from XtremeMac is a cool product.

The glossy white top and bottom of the main unit is representative of the iPod and on the top surface are four chrome dials in each corner. These dials are the controls for all of the functions on the Luna. Operating the menu, volume, display brightness occupies the two front dials and the two rear dials control the two pre-set alarms for on and off.

Included in the box are three docking adapters for fitting all iPods, and of course whilst your iPod is docked it will charge it as well. The 2.7-inch wide display shows text and menus very clearly and one of the many options on the Luna is the ability to customise the text being white on black or black on white. Personally I think the white on black option is the most stunning but it’s nice that XtremeMac have allowed for both.Look at the front straight on and you can see the black band that stretches across the entire front of the unit and given the right setting, even the display will blend in to the speaker grille that curves around the corner and in to the distance. Quite a striking design that the XtremeMac designers have got just right, an example of blending form with functionality with the right mix of the two.

From the top you can observe the simplicity in the design and functionality of the Luna clock system. XtremeMac have really thought about how they could avoid having a cluttered interface with a million and one buttons and they cleverly implemented this four button system with two of them operating as dials as well.


Never have I seen a clock radio have the ability to have the level of customisation that the Luna has. It really is incredible when you start to list what you can do to customise the way the Luna works according to your sleeping routines, which is perhaps the fundamental point of this product and is not restrictive in anyway allowing for your waking and sleeping experience a pleasant one every time.

As mentioned briefly before, you can change the white text on black background to be black text on a white background depending on your preference and a quick twist of the dial allows you to change the brightness.When you set the alarm you can control the source of the sound whether it be from a typical buzzer, your iPod or the radio. That’s not it though, after you’ve set one of the two alarms on the Luna you can then adjust the volume that it plays at when its wake up time and also set the time it takes for the volume to gradually increase from nothing to your chosen level as well as the display brightness.You can choose from the two alarms you can set in the menu system simply by pushing one or both of the top two chrome dials.

We all have a love and hate relationship with the snooze button so XtremeMac allow you to customise the snooze time simply by changing the number of minutes you can have an extra lie in for.

Likewise with the alarm, you can also do the same thing in opposite for the ‘sleep’ feature. Unlike many alarm clocks that purely work as devices for getting us up in the morning, the Luna has a sleep feature that gradually decreases the display brightness and the audio volume over a period of time that you set and help you to fade in to sleep. If you’re not quite sure if you got the settings quite right then feel free to test it out by selecting the Preview option after you’ve chosen your settings and it will run through your particular set up.

Although you can customise the audio settings in the menu, XtremeMac have provided this functionality on the infrared remote itself so no need to dig through the menu just to adjust the bass or treble.PerformanceThe two channel speaker system with its built in amplifier provides plenty of volume and certainly enough to give you heart attack-like symptoms in the morning if you’ve got it set too high. Don’t expect room-thumping vibrations to emit from the Luna but do expect a good crisp quality sound with the ability to control the bass and treble to your liking.

Without a subwoofer built in to the chassis of this ‘iPod-ified’ alarm clock, my distinct tastes for a nice warm ‘bassy’ sound was something that I found to be missing for general music listening. However for use when going to sleep or to wake me up in the mornings, the Luna performs adequately well.


A quick price check on Google Products shows the Luna alarm clock coming in at around £80 which isn’t cheap considering what it’s meant for but as a bedroom clock and speaker system that can also tune in to your favourite radio tunes, XtremeMac have got the combination of style, performance and functionality as near damn perfect at this sub-£100 level. It won’t knock any of the high performing JBL sets or its big brother, the Tango but then again none of those comparisons have a stunning front display and level of customisation that the Luna offers, not to mention the superb slim line remote that the XtremeMac designers must have read my mind when designing it.

Wonderful dreams, relaxing state of sleep and revitalised mornings, step in to the world of the XtremeMac Luna.

2007-05-23 Onwah Tsang

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  • berticusdan says:

    I have a faulty xtrememac luna where the docking station does not see my ipod but if you wobble it, it works fine so i suspect a bad/faulty connection. Amazon and Xtrememac have fobbed me of with no help whatsoever saying 90 day warranty so now i am stuck. The unit is less than 12 months old and is faulty already. Do they not expect it to last for a year without breaking down? Any ideas anyone to how i can obtain a service manual so i can try and fix myself????

    Posted on 6th September 2008
  • oni says:

    It might be worth getting in touch with XtremeMac and pleading your case nicely to them. In the UK, we have 12-month warranties on nearly everything we buy, so I guess we can count ourselves lucky….

    Posted on 9th September 2008
  • Charlee says:

    I Love My New XtremeMac Luna Docking Station with my Ipod Nano!!! It’s amazing!

    Posted on 26th December 2008
  • heather says:

    I just pick one of these up but there’s no radio signal and I can’t find the proper antenna I need do you know what I need to get the signal and where

    Posted on 14th March 2015

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