XtremeMac MicroShield Review

Crystal clear protection – If you’re looking for a case that’s not too obtrusive and doesn’t detract from the ‘beauty’ that is the iPod design then this case is probably what you’re looking for. You can get it for the full current iPod range (excluding the Shuffle).

I’ve had one of these cases for about a week now and to be honest I couldn’t wait to get it. Not because I have some kinda weird, crazed obsession with iPod cases but because my iPod screen was getting scratched to pieces! Anyone whose got one will know exactly what I mean. Although the iPod came with a basic case and I treated it with the best care I could, it still developed loads of scratches.

If you’re in the market for a case for your iPod you’ll find hundreds. There’s just so many accessories out there but a lot of them can be cumbersome and detract from the portability side as well as the aesthetic side. After searching far and wide from the top names for iPod cases, I found the MicroShield from XtremeMac.

The best price I could find this one for was £14.99 excluding shipping from MacHeaven they stock the entire range from the Nano to the 60GB version. If you find this cheaper anywhere else then please do post a Comment so that others that are interested can get it.

Pictures of this case can be found on my Flickr site. It is slim, crystal clear and provides very sturdy and robust protection for your ever so fragile iPod. It provides front and back protection and the case comes as a clip-together system with the front and back clipping together. This means that the top and bottom aren’t protected but because it’s a quality case you shouldn’t have too many concerns. This means that none of your ports at the top or bottom are obstructed. In the packet you get one front case and two backs. One back has a belt clip and the other without.

It also comes with a stick-on click wheel protection. I’ve left this one off because the case is pretty thick and provides more than enough protection for it. Speaking of thickness, it is perfection. It’s not too thick that it makes your iPod feel or look big and it’s not too thin that it feels cheap and doesn’t fill you with confidence (kinda like the case that you get with it).

This is probably the case to get if you’re looking for a simple and effective case for your iPod and would highly recommend that you at least check it out.

2006-02-11 Onwah Tsang

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